Now, where were we…

The MIL has gone.

She left on Saturday and has returned home to the freezing cold and fog of London, but at least we had half prepared her for the weather as even here, in Houston, it’s been a bit chilly.

By the way, fog is one of my favourite weathers.

I love it.

You feel all safe and muffled.

Well I do anyway. Of course, you wouldn’t want fog all of the time, but it is kind of comforting, walking around in your own little bubble of nothing.

In my book fog is up there with mushrooms and parsnips.

That’s as far as my cold riddled brain can think right now, but I think I’ll compile a list of my all time favourite things.

Just so I know.

Yep, I have my yearly cold.

It’s been lingering for over a week now, but I’m only feeling a little sorry for myself as half the time I can’t be bothered to be bothered about it. I’m looking forward to too many things to do much wallowing right now.

What else?

The Christmas decorations went down yesterday with some lingering on for today. The MIL, P and I were arguing about exactly when they should come down. P and I said the 5th and the MIL said the 6th. Somewhere in there the 7th was bandied around, but I can’t remember why although I think it might have something to do with the Wise Men getting lost.

So I looked, and what’ya know the MIL was right.

Hate it when that happens.

Turns out I was including Christmas Day when we should have started counting from the day after, on Boxing Day.

Unless you’re Church of England when the twelfth IS considered the 5th – (or vise versa). In which case she was wrong.

Love it when that happens.

AND she was double whammy wrong as she’s Church of England also.

Not cool MIL. Not cool.

Twelfth Night


Well, as it happens, I’ve been taking mine down on the 5th ever since I’ve been decorating, because, and don’t ask me why except the nice people on Wikipedia know but aren’t telling, it’s bad luck for them to be up for even one day over.

And I’m not into bad luck, but…

 and I’m very sorry about this for all concerned, getting back to the 7th, it seems that, according to one telling, all this time I’ve been hindering the Wise Men from finding their way home…



Not that wise then, if you ask me…

0 thoughts on “Now, where were we…

  1. Not so keen on fog, but I’m with you on parsnips and mushrooms 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon…

  2. Fun post! And I agree with you on fog, except when I’m driving and can’t see the car ahead of me.

    Now that you have a chance to breathe again, I’d love to know if you laugh at my December post. Will anyone think it’s amusing besides my family and me?

  3. wiredweirdly

    I had no idea there was some sort of protocol that is to be followed regarding Christmas decor. Now that I do know… meh. Already forgotten!
    Get well and take care!

  4. I figure men can use all the help they can get with directions, so I leave mine up until the 13th (my husband’s birthday). If the wise guys don’t like the lights, I do. And after all the trouble getting them to twinkle, they’re staying as long as possible.

    • Lol. With you there on all points. Still can’t get over the bad luck though, aaaand your husband’s birthday being on the 13th…

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