O.K. so don’t tell anyone, but

The other day I had a bit of a moment with tool buying.

It was just me, Ani, and paypal, and we had a whopper of a good time.

Well, it was good for me anyway.

I finally broke down and bought me a


With which I am hoping to do a bit of this


Starting from a bit of this


Of course, to do some of that I also needed one of these


But that’s just between you and me.

Of course I told P first, but as he was rushing out of the door at the time I think he just said o.k. to shut me up.

A girl has to do what a girl has to do…

0 thoughts on “O.K. so don’t tell anyone, but

  1. Ellen Killinger

    What does it do?

  2. Cool! So you’re going to start doing lapidary work too? Yay, I can’t wait to see what kind of cool stones you cut!

    • Well, we’ll have to see. I could take a class, but why not wing it 😉

  3. paula

    I’d love to cut my own stones some day–I hope you’ll post about it! I’ve thought about a class also–or just finding someone to teach me the basics. Good luck!

    • I know. Sometimes I want to just touch up a stone that I’ve bought, so I’m looking forward to being able to do that. I looked around for classes, but in the end just decided to wing it 🙂

  4. I have total faith in the outcomes of you “winging it”.

  5. I just bought a JoolTool…anything happenin w yours yet?

    • Hi Scot. I like the jooltool. I have a few problems with one or two of the heads not gripping the thread of the spindle, but apart from that it’s good. I’m not sure it’s meant for heavy use however. I think eventually I’d like to get myself a ‘proper’ lapidary machine though.

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