I’m a bit of a chicken.

But I’ve thrown caution to the wind and joined Flourish and Thrive.

So far I feel that I’ve been working on perfecting my jewelry making skills, but (scary but) perhaps now I’m ready to take another step.

I’m trying to concentrate on the idea that you won’t die just by going up to your comfort line and take one tiny step over it.

A tiny step can’t be that bad can it…

I think that the problem I’ve always had is that I’m never that sure what to do with my jewelry and where it fits, but I can’t be the only one who worries about that… can I?

There are thousands of billions of people out there.

I can’t be unique in my worries… can I?

So it starts today.

At 11 o’clock.

I’ve tried checking around to see if my jewelry holds up to some of the other member’s work.

Still not sure about that, but I’ve paid now so too bad.


I expect over this next six weeks to transform into a wonderfully confident jewelry maker who is ready to take on the world.

I’ll keep you up to date with how that’s going…


Some newbies

Not sure what’s going on here.
And some earrings.

So I’m off now to start my new adventure day.

I think I’ll be alright…

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  1. your work is stunning and you will impress them all! i am saving for a piece for myself!

  2. I love Flourish & Thrive! I find their website to be full of useful information and I frequently watch their free videos for ways to improve my jewelry biz. I was contemplating signing up for their 6 week course also but it’s not in my finances right now to do that. I would love to know how it goes for you though, as I may consider doing it at a later date, especially if you give it a good review! I wish you the best in going through that program! I’m sure that pretty soon we’ll all be seeing your jewelry in the media, on tv, in more magazines, etc!

  3. You are gong to be Just fine……

  4. I don’t know the site but best of luck. Your jewellery is gorgeous so I’m sure you will flourish and thrive.

  5. Thanks guys. I’m stumped even on my first worksheet. Finding out who my dream client is 🙁 I really thought I’d make it through lesson 1…

  6. I hope you’ll excuse me, but I have to be blunt: You ain’t no chicken. A chicken wouldn’t make the stuff you make. And I say that with true admiration. Even if I haven’t bought anything….

    I also have some thoughts about the “ideal client/buyer,” but I think I’d better keep them to myself. I will be curious to hear if any body among the F&T group has sussed that, though.

    • I’d love to know who you think my ideal client is. She’s floating around somewhere in the back of my mind, but I just can’t seem to pin her down as much as they want in the class.

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