It’s all very exhausting.

I finished the thing.





I’ve never embroidered before, just cross stitched, and I must say I’m enjoying this more. I can do it faster and get more detail. I’m half way through another and after I’ve practiced more I think I’ll make a big one.

I also finished this pendant.

I bought the bottom Sonora Dendrite, but formed the other on my super duper Jool Tool. Still can’t quite get a good shine yet, but on the whole it’s very exciting.


And now we’re pooped.


I mean really pooped.



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  1. paula

    Gorgeous stones (and I love the setting too)! I think you did a great job on the one you cut yourself. Are you happy with the jool tool? I’ve wondered what type of system to start with as I’d love to dabble in some stone cutting. And.. I’m curious as to how long it takes to cut and polish one from start to finish.

  2. I love the colors you used in your embroidery, and the textures you achieved, too–pretty handy for a recovering cross-stitcher! And your colorful stones are also looking pretty well-suited to one another, if you ask me; I appreciate how you balanced the shapes.

    • Did you get your embroidery out yet?

      • You are definitely inspiring me to give up jewelry.

  3. Mary B

    I love your embroidery work. You did a great job! I also like the stone. I think it looks very nice how you worked it.

  4. For someone who was just in a funk you sure are oozing with creativity and talent. Nice job on the stone cutting and finishing. And that embroidery looks like an expert did it, so if that was your first time then Wow! One could only wish to have funks like yours, to be able to produce such beautiful works of art!

    I’m currently in a funk of my own and this funk has not been pretty, consisting of a lot of crying and feelings of overwhelm. Hope I get out of it soon! Still haven’t heard anything from the Woodlands show yet so it doesn’t look like I’m getting in, since it’s only 2 weeks away. But I will come out to see you and your booth though.

    • You jewelry making people and your funks. I’m telling you…

      Seriously though, I’m sorry that you’re feeling bad. It’s not a good place to be. But, from one funk to another, it will be o.k. even if we have to sit on it until it surrenders.

  5. artworksjp

    What a sweet puppy! I am sure you received some great help from this one! Jan P

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