Sad news

Guinness passed.

It was quick.

One day he was there, rummaging around his cage, making important decisions like what to have for lunch. Oh yeah, that dried up food in that little bowl there. That’ll do.

Then he got pneumonia.

And died.

He went to the vets.

Had an x-ray (don’t talk to me about it)

Got medicine and special care food.

Came home with a 50/50 chance.

And died.

S cried.

I cried.

And all I could think about was how I called him a sex offender.

Not to his face though, so that must count for something.



S kept him overnight in one of the small dorm room fridges that came home with one of the kids (don’t talk to me about that either) and he’s now on his way back to his college town to bury Guiness. I know. Strange lad, but apparently all of his college buddies had been involved in Guiness’ life and S felt that he’d want to be back there…

with everyone…

I think S has forgotten that he isn’t going back there next term.

Me thinks this was just an excuse to get out of dodge.

Where’s the guinea pig love now boyo?

So he’s gone to bury Guiness.

With the hand-made ceramic bowl that he ate from.

Because it’s a king’s bowl apparently.


I daren’t ask what else he’s going to bury with it.

RIP little one.

I loved you really.

Not because you were a rodent…

Guiness 2013 – 2015 🙁

but because you were our rodent.

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  1. So sorry to hear of your family’s loss. I love how you said :I loved you really. Not because you were a rodent…..but because you were our rodent”. So true, family is family no matter the form. I’m sure Guiness is in a happy place where he can run about exploring freely and fearlessly and joyfully. Best wishes.

  2. Mary

    So sorry for your loss. Our pets become part of our family and it’s difficult to lose them.

    • I know, right! I was surprised I cried so much, but I suspect that’s more due to abandonment issues and loss. He wasn’t even my guinea pig!

  3. Deborah Uher

    Sorry, really. It’s hard. We have a gerbil cemetery in our backyard. I took Caramel to a rodent vet when she had congestive heart failure, but nothing could done. I happen to like rodents.

    • I know. One of our animals cost us $300 after his burial resulted in a severed gas pipe. Could have been worse. Could have blown up the neighbourhood.

  4. So sorry about your little Guiness. We managed to lose a number of the little dears. Some people learn very slowly. 🙁

    • Yep. The gerbils, the mice, the cats and dogs. Now the guinea pig. Never learn.

  5. My condolences. At least he got a king’s burial.

    • I do believe he was a king. Isn’t there that culture that revered guinea pigs as the hindus do the cow? I think in Peru for shamanic purposes. Although I think they sacrificed them afterward they were probably still considered some kind of royalty. Lucky escape I say…

      • gale13

        I’m afraid they skip a step in Peru…. I’m glad Guiness got to live with you instead.

  6. wiredweirdly

    RIP Guinness. Let’s hope Thor has forgiven him and they’re hangin’ out with all of the other chill “rodents”. Sorry for your loss.

    • I don’t think Thor could forgive him him until he’s had treatment for PTSD. Perhaps it’s free up there in rodent heaven, but if not he didn’t take a thing with him. Unlike Guiness with his king bowl…

  7. So sad. Sorry, sniff.

  8. Diane

    I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s amazing how such tiny creatures become a huge part of our hearts.

  9. So sorry. Actually I too know more or less exactly how it feels — my pet rat (yes rat: small, cute, sociable, and white and brown) died as suddenly and ghastly in 1993. Might have been the same diagnosis. Still remember the state of shock I was in — my future husband had to jump on a train and go 200 kilometres that evening to comfort me! (Discovered I was allergic to all furry animals after that, so she was my last.)

    Have been enjoying your blog for a couple of months — thank you for writing it, and inspiring me! (I changed subject there…)

    • Thank you Monica. That is a wonderful spoon you made. It looks flawless.

      • It was meant for measuring coffee, but the recipient didn’t want to hide it in the coffee bag, so she uses it as a sugar spoon (that’s the only spoon I’ve posted I think — thank you so much for looking!! ). It wasn’t flawless, but I hid the flaws in the photo — and hope wear will hide them… Duh, problem with the mirror finish on the back, which I’ve since learned to fix (at least in theory, I don’t have that much time to do things…): sterling silver getting a coat of fine silver on the outside after soldering, and polishing wheel removing it unevenly, resulting in an odd, dark blotch (visible to those who look for it). Quick fix: put it in acid bath! Apparently eats away the copper faster than the silver.

  10. Awww, I’m sorry about Guinness. That’s sad. Yes, I agree with Diane….that the little fur babies just steal our hearts.

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