Back in the saddle… almost.

It takes me a while to get back to normal after my family leave.

I like to sit around wallowing for a couple of days.

I also like to give up cooking, stop going to the grocery store and stay in bed for a little longer.

O.K. so I always stay in bed for a little longer, but now I have a reason to.

My brain stops thinking about anything much and my head becomes a dull vacuous cave with barely enough sunlight for even the dust motes to play in.

(Too much?)

But I have got a great new studio to get back to.

When K was here we found a small backwoods furniture shop called IKEA and bought me some new stuff 🙂

It was a great opportunity to get this done as my sister was able to lift all the heavy stuff while I directed.

She didn’t complain once about her RA, but I did have a sore finger and couldn’t quite manage.

Actually we found a nice man who put everything into the back of the car before I could turn around to help him.

If only he’d waited.

Now I have drawers.




And super solid work surfaces instead of the jumble of old tables I used to have.



I still have my old table that I do most of the work on because the new ones were too long for the space, but I put a plank on two of my little drawer things and now I have a shelf and even more drawers to keep my bezel wire, silver plate and the small useful things which clutter the table when they’re not being small and useful.


I’ve still got more putting away to do, but to be honest, without K here I’ll probably try hard to ignore it, but ain’t it great 🙂

Just wait until I show you my bead drawers!

You’ll die.



0 thoughts on “Back in the saddle… almost.

  1. Sandy Robinson

    Your work space certainly looks well thought out with your tools and supplies where they need to be. Great job!

    • The new shelf is getting in the way a bit, but I’m determined to make it happen 🙂

  2. Nice…….. Like your IKEA drawers. Found some like those in Big Lots a few years ago. Nice view too!
    Think of all the great work you will do now. New heights. 😉

    • Man! I didn’t even think of Big Lots.

      Yep. New heights. Onwards and upwards 🙂

  3. Thanks for the peek in your newly organized studio! Look like a great space to create more of your wonderful jewelry. I agree that those windows open to a lovely view!

    • I know. I’m extremely fortunate to have a great studio. I still feel guilty about it sometimes, but I waited a long time for it. I doubt I’m ever going to be really organized though 😉

  4. Looks great! Congratulations.

  5. I can’t wait to die. Meanwhile, I was thinking I’d like a shelf like you concocted, but it would probably fall over the edge of my tilted draft table…and besides it’s so much fun hiding my tools on sundry bookshelves throughout my workspace!

  6. Heather

    Ohhhhh, I wanna see the bead drawers!!!!!!

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