So I think what happens is…

I go go go go go on the creative front and then

I flop.

It’s probably that my brain needs a break and shuts down for a while.

It can be dangerous when that happens as you know it will just come back with a vengeance.

The funny thing is that I never thought of myself as being creative.

Someone had to tell me.

I’ve had a great run on sales just this past two weeks.

It’s incredible really.

Just when you start forgetting about what to do with all the ‘stuff’ you make it kind of starts taking care of itself.

I’m very lazy on the selling part though.

I don’t list as often as I could on Etsy or my website.

I’m liking my website a lot more than Etsy, but I don’t know if anyone really goes there. I’ll have to figure out the SEO stuff.


(tapping the keyboard, eyes off to the left top corner…)

My brain’s still shut down and I don’t know what else to tell ya.

Except that I’m thinking ceramics, embroidery, and more sorting and throwing away the remnants of three grown and flown kids.

I’ve also started some more paintings.

No, not the paintings I was talking about in a previous post, but my fun, piddly ones.

I’ve resigned myself to just enjoying them for what they are and stop moaning about it.

That just gets boring and I have to lay down on the sofa again.

Not cool.




And here is a chunky chain I’m working on.


And I finished a pair of earrings.


And a bracelet.


And these.


All while Spud defends her sovereignty as Queen of The Table.


Don’t mess with the Spud.

0 thoughts on “So I think what happens is…

  1. I never thought I was creative either and now I can’t shut down the ideas that assault me all day and definitely at night. But I have to say – what you make when in a funk is better than what I can make at my best, so you have that going for you. 🙂

  2. I think we’re all so hard on ourselves, and while that make us strive to improve, sometimes it means we’re just mean to our muses. I think your paintings are lovely, and while I don’t have an art degree, I’d buy one! So there’s that. And even while you’re in a funk, you’re inspiring the hell out of me. I keep wanting to try that chain with the folded loops, but I think “Oh poo, I’ll be working on that for ages.” I’ll keep eyeballing it and eventually challenge myself!

    • You should try the chain. It’s really not hard at all, just a little fiddly until you get the hang of it.

      My daughter lives in Austin.

  3. I wonder if creativity gets worse with age. It seems so for me at least. I just hope the skills grow in equal measure… But I won’t start painting — what you do as fun, piddly paintings maybe look simple at first glance, but I’m not sure even my painting father-in-law could come even close! (Well, to be fair, he usually does another style, no idea what it would be called, but he likes to dabble into abstract/naivistic sometimes too.)
    And do we have the same chair cushions — you didn’t by any chance buy them at that “small, unknown Swedish furniture shop”?? 🙂 Wonder what that cat is thinking…
    Love the jewelry as usual, of course!

    • No, not from the small Swedish shop, although my studio is now popping with Scandinavian goodness…

  4. Spud is telling you to get back to work–because I love your paintings and that turquoise bracelet. OR he’s saying flop, if that’s what you need right now. I’ll be back, either way, to see what you’re up to next.

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