I’m back!

I’ve just tried to explain all the happenings over at the old blog.


I hate to call it my old blog


I’m kind of missing it already.

4 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. KJ

    Okay, ignore the part of my comment on your old blog about not being able to find the comment button. However, it was well hidden. I had to look at the individual blog post to find it; in other words it is not visible from the main blog page.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Thanks KJ, I’ll check that out. I also don’t like how the comments present themselves. They’re a bit muddled in my opinion. I did manage to bring my images over though. I do have them all on my computer, but wasn’t going to go through them all to attach them to the right spot. I would have been here years…I’m going to check out the website you recommended now. Thanks.

  2. Sandy

    With all this other excitement going on, I’m sure you have been distracted from sand casting. I can’t wait until you can pivot to that again.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      The pressure of it all…

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