And we’re off.

We’re away for a week in Rockport TX.

Not necessarily my favourite place in the world, but as P likes to fish it’s the best we can do without driving more than four hours, or taking a flight.

But it’s beautiful today.

Yesterday we had, what was supposed to be a big storm, blow in through Houston, and it did rain, which was nice, and it did bring cooler weather, which was even more nice, and frankly I didn’t mind as a week curled up with a book, sitting on the porch, wrapped up in a blanket, drinking tea by the canal was a great idea in my mind.

Maybe not so much in P’s mind because of the fishing and because I didn’t want him to get swept out to sea in the perfect storm in his little, I always wanted to be bigger, boat.

O.K. so that would be highly unlikely considering he fishes in a bay and not the ‘real’ sea, but even so. Remember that time he took my 84 year old dad out fishing there last year, with the heat bearing down and no sight of land, and my dad could barely hobble back to the house afterward.

Yeah that treacherous bay.

Anyway, none of that happened as today the weather is perfect.

Absolutely perfect.

It’s warm, not humid.

It’s quiet except for the water gurgles.

And I could live here year round if P got his act together and quit his job.

But then it would get hot again and everyone from town would come down here for their week getaways and there’d be kids laughing, yes laughing, I know right!, and people talking when they know fair well that their voices carry across the water and into my ears.

So maybe it’s good not to live here year round after all.


We arrived last night and it’s a beautiful house on one of the canals.

P took four tries to back the boat into the driveway when he’d done it right the first time.

I think he just likes the drama.

And now he’s off fishing and I’m sat here reading and painting, and drinking tea.


It’s just a beautiful porch.

A bit bare because it’s a rental, but so deep and shaded I feel as though I’m in a southern movie.


I’ll have to practice my accent.

Oh and this is for Alicia (you know who you are).

That was one of the nicest e-mails I’ve ever got.

Thank you.


5 thoughts on “And we’re off.

  1. Sounds delightful! I hope you have a wonderful time! Looks beautiful. I hope you took books or handwork to do. I would have such a hard time if I couldn’t do something. My husband likes to takes photographs and he likes to take long time to do it. While I certainly understand that, it’s very difficult for me to sit there with nothing to do. So sometimes I send him off to have his fun and I do something else. Do you go fishing with him?

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      No. I would if it wasn’t so hot here. There’s not much I would do out here in the TX heat. I’m a bit of a wimp that way. At home I would. Frankly I don’t know how he does it.

  2. 🙂

  3. Looks like a great spot to paint…or just drink tea. Enjoy your time away.

    • coldfeetstudioblog


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