I’m kind of lost for what to do.

It’s another grey Sunday and I’m sitting here in bed bored and trying to think of what to do next.

I’ve also got a headache.

Which doesn’t help.

Here are my options.

I’ve got a good book going.


I’ve only finished the first part so no one ruin it for me else I’ll have to come over there and not be responsible for my actions.

My sister finished it and gave me mixed reviews telling me that it goes downhill with some uphills and then more downhills from here. That she enjoyed it but doesn’t know if she’d recommend it.

I’m interested in how differing our tastes might be.

Sort of like a psychology experiment.

But not.

Then there’s just sitting around on the sofa all day feeling sorry for myself.

But the danger then is that P will put something on the t.v. even more depressing than I feel, like how the Yellowstone volcano is going to erupt any day now and kill everyone on the whole earth.

O.K. that’s not exactly true, but apparently we’ll all be pretty screwed.

P’s a bit of an extinction nut.

Nut being the operative word.

Nothing like a geologist major to keep your chin up, what what!

And anyway, I did that yesterday.

Then, of course, there are the billions of stones waiting for me in the studio of which I’ve chosen one or two to try to keep the boredom away.


I actually tried designing a jewelry line for wholesale and I did quite well I think. But then I got even more bored with the idea of making the same pieces of jewelry over and over and over again and had to come inside to lay down.

I tell you.

I’m so lazy.

Whatever happens I know that I’ll be off in a minute to that large place up the road that sells food.

The kids are coming for dinner and we will have English soul food.

A proper Sunday roast.

For S, who is American and who likes it and that’s good enough for me.

I shall get out the special dishes for him.


And finally I want to share with you a love story.

It took a while, but I think we have a connection going on.

If not love then Wally must have been unconscious when Spud snuggled up to him.


Wally doesn’t snuggle lightly.

And here comes the rain just to top everything off.

Maybe I’ll just have another cup of tea instead…

12 thoughts on “I’m kind of lost for what to do.

  1. Raining here, too. And I get it, when you think about something that overwhelms you, and you have to go lay down. 🙂

    My battle today is getting a bear to solder to a big cuff. The bear isn’t cooperating. It made me go lie down last night. And I’m back to work tomorrow, so I get no studio time during the week. It is very depressing.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      For some reason Nancy your last two comments went into my spam. It’s o.k. you’re safe now, but that’s why I haven’t answered. Soldering large areas are definitely a bear that’s for sure. I used to pull my hair out until I realised that I just needed a larger flame so now I change either my torch head or turn the pressure up on my tank a tad. If you use acetylene this might work for you also if you’re not already doing it.

  2. Sandy

    I just saw this. I hope your day improved significantly!

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Yes it did. You did read the part about me being a little, let’s say, melodramatic didn’t you 😉

  3. Deborah Uher

    I agree with your sister on The Goldfinch. Great start, radical shifts in location and characters, then characters you thought you knew change, interactions change, you don’t know who you’re rooting for, and then you’re wondering how much of the book is left to read. I was disappointed. But I had high expectations.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Oh man! I had such high hopes. I shall soldier on, however, and suffer as I must…

  4. Elizabeth

    I know I’m late chiming in on this, but my vote would be the book. Especially when you are not feeling up to anything, at least you can get lost in a book and forget about yourself for awhile.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      I did go with the book. I threw caution to the wind and it was good 🙂

  5. Do the same designs over and over….? Never, not you, nor me! Similar maybe, but not exactly the same. In that case you should somehow simplify the process, by reusing a cast or the like. Otherwise one misses the whole point, I think.

  6. coldfeetstudioblog

    Thank you! Why do I feel as though I should always justify making jewelry by turning it into some kind of chore? It would definitely be a chore and I think would destroy my soul. Not to become overly dramatic about it of course…

  7. You are hilarious! Every post is a delight to read. I would love to see the wholesale line you came up with!

  8. coldfeetstudioblog


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