New pieces.

And the old one taken in better light.


Well o.k. perhaps not so better.


I have a lot of trouble taking photographs.

Alongside putting on chains it’s probably my least favourite thing to do, especially as I like to take them on this one particular tile outside my back door and so it means getting down on my knees or sitting on one of those tiny plastic step stools.

Getting up is a nightmare. Sometimes I think I’ll have to be down there forever.

Sounds like I’m an old granny, but I’m not.


I’m the spitting image of Isabella.




It’s probably due to all the floor scrubbing I did in a previous life come back to haunt me.

Here are the new pieces.

Silver Lace Onyx




Silver Lace Onyx



I cut them from this beautiful slab of Silver Lace Onyx


Which I got from Rt395Minerals on Etsy.

As usual I didn’t really look at the dimensions and this piece turned up huge!

See that first what looks like a crack but isn’t coming down from the top right hand corner?

That part to the right of it is all I used to cut the stone which is 1.5″ x 0.75″ and then I sliced it down the middle because I thought it was too thick and so made the second piece.

If you look at the two pieces you can tell that they are sliced as the markings are similar on each.

Man I’m getting good with the trim saw.


This whole slab cost me $8!

O.K. so almost $14 with shipping, but still, what a find.

And he’s still got some if you’re interested.

The stone took a great shine and I’m really happy with them.

Here they are with two others I’ve got lined up.


Jools and I have still got some practicing to do, but on the whole I think I’m improving.










So back on out to the studio.

I’ve got four more days until we go away for a week and I’m already getting withdrawal symptoms.

6 thoughts on “New pieces.

  1. Absolutely stunning. I love the wintry tones in this stone! And I am so impressed with your stone-cutting and polishing–what a world of possibilities when you can make your own cabs! The bails on these are wonderful, I especially like the second one, although the first one is very clever and looks great on the back.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Thans Keirsten. I really enjoy having the option to make my own shapes, etc. and it’s really not as hard as it first seems.

  2. I see you finally got the comments problem conquered! Love the cabs! Wish I could cut my own, some day… right there with the photography thing. If only this stuff could phitograph and list itself on Etsy! Life would be so much easier.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      That’s the truth 😉

  3. Mary B

    Looks like you’ve come a long way with the JoolTool. I really like these pendants. You did a great job with them. Thanks for sharing!

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      As I use it I still wonder if it’s going to be as durable as a regular cab machine, but for now it’s doing well.

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