This blog has taken a nose dive…

Who knows what’s happened?

Someone tell me quick before I bore myself to death…

We need upbeat, lively, creative fun, and what do I come here to offer?

I haven’t even a name for it.

So back to work my friends.

I refuse to get bogged down else I rot to death, here in Houston, strangled by my sluggish mind.

I’ve got to get moving and actually making it in through the studio door would help tremendously.

I had a great time in England with my family and, except for the last day when I was ready to get the flight over with, didn’t want to come home.

P wouldn’t even entertain the possibility of us moving back, which I thought was a little mean-spirited of him.

I mean, just because his job is here, and our kids are here, and I’ve picked up weird American pronunciations, doesn’t mean we have to stay. Right?

O.K. so I would miss the kids.

A little.

But I feel so normal in England, and still a little displaced here, even though it’s been 26 years now.

Pretty soon we will have lived here as long as we lived in England, and somehow that’s kind of sad for me.

But, no more wallowing…

I had a bit of everything I needed to have a bit of while I was there.

A pork pie.

A sausage roll.

Hula Hoops.

Fish and Chips.

A pint of bitter.

A steak and ale pie.




And a lot of other things that I didn’t really need any of.

I watched British t.v. and drove around the countryside.

Well K drove me. I don’t think I could drive there at the moment. It would take me some time to get used to it again and not kill myself.

We got lost once, which K put down to my touching the GPS on her phone (I didn’t), and found a village called Chignall Smealy. Brilliant right? I mean imagine telling people that you live in a place called that. Or Throcking, or Anthorpe Roding. Or Clatterfield, Bacon End or Shallow Bowells.

Especially Shallow Bowells which could be construed as something entirely different.

And we drove down lanes almost too narrow for the car to fit.

And we’re talking about a small Fiat-y car.

If someone comes toward you you have to back up all the way until you find a small space to creep into. And even then we’re talking millimeters of passing space.

You have to take a lot of deep breaths and do a lot of finger crossing.

Also using your imaginary passenger side brake comes in handy, especially if your dad’s driving and doesn’t seem to notice that there are, in fact, other cars on the road.

I made it back alive though, even after both airplane flights which happily didn’t result in tragic endings somewhere over the Atlantic.

Going there was very quick. Seven and a half hours. I don’t think I’ve ever got there in that time before. And no jet-lag at the other end which was great. I put it down to the 9 p.m. take off, two gin and tonics, red wine and steak dinner which consequently resulted in a good, sound, anti jet-lag sleep.

It’s the only way to fly…

Coming back, however, was a full ten and a half hours during which I watched four films back to back and two pilots of t.v. shows.

One of the films I watched was Little Boy which was great.

I love those magical thinking movies.

Being a magical thinker myself I can totally relate.

I am pleased to be back though, in spite of a slew of doctor’s appointments lined up which are kind of getting on my nerves now.

Oh the wonders of getting older…

This week I’m going to make a concerted effort to get into the studio and work through the boredom and homesickness as best as maybe.

I need a project is all.

A great bit fat one which hopefully involves using up all of the cabochons in my top drawer.

21 thoughts on “This blog has taken a nose dive…

  1. wiredweirdly

    Welcome back – I’ve missed you! I was on your blog yesterday, wondering what you were up to (or down for), hoping you’d be back soon!

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Thanks Angie, It is good to be back, but it always takes me a little time to settle. I did get into the studio today though, so I’m hopeful 🙂

  2. Yep! Welcome back! I have missed your humor. And your adventures. Keep it coming!

    • coldfeetstudioblog


  3. Welcome home! So glad you had such a good time! Your description of driving in the countryside was quite visual….I pressed the imaginary brakes for you! 🙂

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Thank you 🙂

  4. Thanks for making me laugh. What a gift to prompt that with a simple tale!

    • coldfeetstudioblog


  5. Deborah Uher

    Maybe some sausage would help you feel a little better?

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Sausages always make me feel better 🙂 With mash, peas and gravy…

  6. Anonymous

    So glad you had such a wonderful trip. Looking forward to your next jewelry project. Are you planning to try sand casting again?

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Mmmm, I keep looking at the tiny deformed silver lump that came out after my last try and think I’ll give it another go. Then I look more closely at it and remember how long it took to get the thing set up and how disappointed I was and decide I’d better build myself up for it first. So the answer to that would be no, and yes… 😉

  7. I haven’t moved as far as you, but I can relate to those feelings of “coming home”, and “not being quite”, well, one of the locals here. Not sure there actually is a way back, though. Maybe for some, others will just notice they are slightly out of place in both places. It might be in the mind — or depend on the locals! And there will always be someone to miss!
    One can become down by less, not to mention the tiredness after travelling, but you’ll be okay 🙂

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      I’m definitely going to try to ‘shift’ my attitude and start living here as though I mean it 🙂 I just feel that the longer I stay here that I’ve lost something. I think most expatriates probably feel the same. Time to start living in the moment 🙂

  8. ceciliarobinsonza

    Hi Deborah, nice to hear from you again, missed you over Xmas. Not all of us can live where we would like to, life is like that. But it is sad spending time being miserable, life is too short for that. I was so miserable during my forties, and, now that I am in my sixties, I really feel so sad for those 10 years that I missed out on! I think that first of all you must clean and re-organize your studio, that always gets me going. Then you could make a little something for each of your children, something not necessarily your style, but what they would treasure. And by the time you have done al of this, you will be well on your way into the new year! Think of me this year, our country is in turmoil, our currency is getting weaker all the time, but we have to make the best of things, and above all stay cheerful and have fun in whatever we are doing!

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Nice to hear from you also Cecilia. I wondered where you were 🙂 I do think about you and what you’re up to. It’s horrible when things are going wrong in our countries. Can’t say that we’re suffering the same as in South Africa at all, but we’ve got our crazies coming out of the woodwork over here big time. I can only imagine that it will end bad and lead to turmoil also.
      I’ve been thinking you’re right and the studio needs a big tidy up. Everything’s out of whack in there at the moment. Going to take your advice…

  9. Glad to have you back. But now I want to go to England and visit places with Dickensian names.

  10. I am a fish out of water, also, and I really appreciated what Cecilia said. Life is too short to be unhappy; I keep telling myself that, and then I leave work and go sit on my couch. At least I am drawing in my journals. But I do think I would feel better if my bones were in a place that felt more comfortable to me.

    I miss seeing your jewelry – it really is gorgeous and you are very talented!!!

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Life is too short absolutely. I have to coach myself to walk by the sofa on a daily basis. Once I’m sat on it it’s awfully hard to get motivated.

  11. Haha!! Me, too!! Once I leave work, I fight to not rush right home and veg. I think it’s the daylight here, or lack thereof. I’m yearning for the warm sun.

    • coldfeetstudioblog


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