I’ve given it all up – again.

Call it what you will.

Off the boil.

Bored with it all.



But the jewelry’s taken a plunge.


Hasn’t stopped me from buying up all the cabochon’s on Etsy though.

Or a new saw.


I didn’t want to buy it.

Really I didn’t.

Just look at it in all its funky self.

I didn’t want to encourage it.

I’m not that fancy gadget tool kind of girl.

But, although my trusty German beginners saw has done me well over the past years, I decided to bite the bullet.

And I’m glad I did.

It’s a beaut.

What I love most about it is the tension lever. I do find it a little more awkward to change the blade or open it up for piercing, but only because I haven’t found a comfortable way to hold it yet. The old saw just sat nicely in-between my chest and the bench, but because you don’t need the tension of your body for this one it seems to wobble around more and it’s just a little more fiddly, but aside from how to hold it as you put the blade in it really is easy to load and it saws like a dream. It almost seems to do half the work for you.

I love it. and recommend it.

I perhaps wouldn’t have got the 5″ one, however, as it hits me in the Optivisor if I’m wearing one. I thought it was a good idea, but as I buy my sheets in 6″ squares, it doesn’t accommodate the width anyway and I feel that the regular 3″ would have been fine.

Because of the asthma I’m also going to have to invest in a dust collector.

I’ve seen a few that will work for me and just have to make up my mind.

I need a hose that goes to two places on my bench. One where I buff and one where I use the Foredom to sand, etc.. I already have a fume extractor which I’ve started to put over the pickle pot as well as over the soldering area as, as the fine doc says, you can’t fix stupid. Actually he said fume damage, but I knew what he meant.

So I may go for this one.


Or this one.


I’m thinking the Dura-Bull as it looks easier to change the filters. Depends on it fitting under the table with the hoses sticking upward however.

So, maybe it looks like I’m not giving up jewelry again after all.

Maybe just taking a break.

Here are the newbies.

Petrified Fossil Wood
Petrified Fossil Wood


I broke this one so I’m going to have to re-do it.

Perhaps this was the beginning of the funk.

You know. When everything goes so well.

And then not.

So my heart really wasn’t in this one below.

Plume Agate


Although it turned out well.

Or this one really.

IMG_8997 2
Australian Crazy Lace


I have enjoyed making the torc collar, or whatever they’re called, for the pendants.

I looked everywhere for them as I knew that my work would be better suited for them, but couldn’t find them anywhere. In the end I asked a jeweler whom I’d noticed used one. She told me she’d made her own which I had thought about doing myself, but for some reason thought that they wouldn’t hold up well. So this gave me the confidence to go ahead and make one.

I used three strands of 18 gauge sterling silver wire which I capped off and soldered a lobster claw clasp to.


This is the jeweler I asked.

Laura Jane Bouton

I really like her jewelry.

You should go check her out if you haven’t already.

So that’s it really.

Spud’s all jewelry’d out.


And I’m off out to do some painting, which I’m sure I’ll really, really enjoy until I decide to give that up also.

My life. I tell you…


6 thoughts on “I’ve given it all up – again.

  1. Jean Watkins

    Love your work!! You sound like me, switching from one medium to another. Keeps our life interesting, doesn’t it? Jean

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Ha yes. I’ve enjoyed painting today and think I’m almost ready to get back to the jewelry. Maybe. In a couple of days. Perhaps 😉

  2. Sorry to hear you’re in a funk! Funks blow. I do the same thing–shop instead (new tools are especially helpful!). I like to think of it as a different form of creativity. It’s like I’m incubating my next episode of brilliance (haha). I love the curved yoke/bail on that first piece–so delicate! Also loving your torc style necklace–I hadn’t looked at it closely enough before in your shop to notice that. Lovely. It really meshes nicely with the pendant, which to me has kind of a Celtic feel. Clean and elegant.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Thanks Keirsten. I get them quite often really, but really I think I’ve just burnt out a bit. Your work is always so fun.

  3. Taken a plunge, my eye.

    Though you do seem to have plunged in a new direction, with wonderful results. (I also like LJB’s work–have a bracelet of hers with really cool chain.)

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      lol I knew that would get you 😉 Yes her work is really nice isn’t it.

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