Chain making mania

I have it. And now I can’t stop even though they take ages to make And it means my prices will have to go up And I’ll never sell anything any more But they give so much more depth to the pendants that I don’t think I can turn back now. Man! Off to make […]

O.K. So while I’ve been gone…

Nothing what so ever has happened! It’s just been a weird month that plugged into my hypochondriacal, so I’m going to die now am I, self, which only stopped yesterday afternoon. Nope it wasn’t big. Loads of people go through it. BUT I didn’t like it and I felt really really sorry for myself and […]

Time for a new link.

I’ve been off my groove, but now i’m back with a new silver link. So, if you’re in the mood for fiddly, have a go at this. Just remember my disclaimer as I’m not available to tend to any injuries incurred … First up, and this is very important, put your i pod down the inside of […]