I had a bit of trouble.

Hate it when the drilled hole in the top of a bead fractures. It makes the bead practically useless, and these chrysoprase beads just happen to be my favourite! So what’s a girl to do? Pretty much this is the best of a bad job. I just couldn’t do a thing with it except try […]

Sick and Sorrowful.

This is what happens when you’re sick. But, because you still want to play you gouge yourself with one of these. Things then go from bad to worse until you give it up and go lay down on the sofa to feel super sorry for yourself yet thankful you haven’t cut your fingers off completely. […]

From here to there.

This is how one of my paintings was shaping up, pre Spain. And, this is how it is now, post Spain. Mmmm. But now I’m sick and the painting will have to wait. But that’s O.K. because I’ve had another sign. I know I said I didn’t believe in signs, and I don’t, but look. […]

No really, it’s good. Trust me.

I’m kind of getting my food cravings in a twist. I’m not really sure if they’re actual cravings or just romanticized rememberings. Here’s my latest. The famous, Melton Mowbray Pork Pie. (I wanted a bigger picture, but perhaps that will just make my craving worse.) You’ve got to taste this to know how good it […]