I had a bit of trouble.

Hate it when the drilled hole in the top of a bead fractures. It makes the bead practically useless, and these chrysoprase beads just happen to be my favourite!

So what’s a girl to do?


Pretty much this is the best of a bad job. I just couldn’t do a thing with it except try to hold it with some silver. It didn’t work well as you can see.

I think this piece is about to be disassembled and the chrysoprase placed in the hospital holding cell until I can figure out the best way to deal with it.

I will never surrender!

After the chrysoprase tragedy I made a mini me to go with this big me.

Nevada Chrysocolla

Don’t ask me why.

So, I’m still fed up today. Still homesick. Still failing at trying to appreciate where I live rather than where I think I want to live.

On top of that I can’t keep a darn pot plant alive in the whole house!

Even the flora plots against me.


Somebody finished the last of MY cereal!

As I trudge through this dark day I will try to keep my eye upon this beauty.

Vincent Van Gogh

I believe it’s the only thing that will give me any joy today.

That and my trusty side kick


Wally the Magnificent.

And while I wallow, I will try to remember the words of the wise.


Except I think he used a dash or two of rum to help him forget his problems.

Don’t have any of that handy.


0 thoughts on “I had a bit of trouble.

  1. Ellen Killinger

    How about a walk around the block? 😉 Does the body good to walk in all this humidity…. NOT When all else fails, fix a cup of tea, that will do the trick!

    • Tea! Now why didn’t I think of that! Things are looking up after all 😉

  2. Ellen Killinger

    I knew you would figure it out!!! 🙂

  3. I am not exactly sure which part of the chysoprase piece you are not happy with but I am assuming it’s the top point. You can always ask, if you are needing some help. I am just an email or a phone call away. :o)

    • Thanks Danielle, It’s because it’s a bead and is rounded at both the back and front. I don’t have any packing sand and so I banded the bezel around the sides of the bead instead of giving it a back, The sides are very uneven and it just didn’t look good afterward. It is now in the hospital awaiting something wonderful to happen to it 🙂

      • Did not know it was a bead – couldn’t tell. I thought it was a cab. My bad … Certainly that would be a challenge. LOL!

      • Ellen Killinger

        Does it have a specialist to take care of it?

      • Ellen Killinger

        Poor thing ;-(

        • I know. You just can’t find the staff these days.

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