Eeet is finished

I enjoyed making this one. It was quite satisfying as I went from not being able to solder a darn thing last week to not being able to put a foot wrong this week. I’m going to have to commit this one to memory as I tend to go straight to complete despondency when something […]


I started another painting yesterday. It’s very orange… and pink. I think I shall call it – Blinded by the Light of the Glorious Hills. I’m determined to persevere with the darn paintings. Every so often I think I’ll have a go and then spend the day wallowing in and out of disappointment and moaning […]

So …

I’m going to try to make this today. I started it last night, but it all started to go to pot and I decided to call it a day. It’s a beautiful piece of turquoise. The colour is just stunning. Seems a shame to mess it up with my design but, as usual, I just […]