Why you should never mention the words, Kidney Disease, to a hypochondriac…

So for two months I had kidney disease and all that implies.

I was already sorting out what books I could read whilst having dialysis and secretly eyeing up unsuspecting, but totally suitable, donors and wondering just how one goes about asking for one.

Could you just bring it up over coffee perhaps?

Like, So hey, you look like you’ve got a couple of healthy kidneys packed away in there. Do you think you’d be up for sharing one?

I mean seriously, how hard could it be.

But then lo, all this became a moot point as, on my next trip to the doctor, as I sat in the bright, sterile, completely unfriendly room wondering if there was a hidden camera checking up that I wasn’t poking around with the ultrasound machine, I didn’t have it any more…

He didn’t know why.

He was sat so close to me as he showed me all the lab results, like I actually knew what it all meant, that when he came out with the good news I actually smacked his arm as I told him that I’d had a really fun couple of months wondering how long I’d got left on the planet.


Just to keep the anxiety above the extreme level I also had to have the old ovaries looked at.

Let me tell you… I was on the edge.

Not to waste a good ultrasound I had the sweet tech girl have a quick look at my kidneys just to make sure that they were actually in there and, for good measure I had her check out my liver also.

I think she enjoyed it as she doesn’t often get a chance to rummage around looking for all the other stuff when usually her clients are only interested in those tiny baby things growing inside.

Although to be honest my right kidney did actually look like a baby.

It had that hunched over, floating around look that they have – only in the wrong place.

Of course as she’s not allowed to tell me anything and as I didn’t know what the hell I was looking at, it was all a bit of a futile exercise, but at least I got to make sure that I had them and that they were right where they were supposed to be.

How the hell they can see anything, let alone make out what’s going on in there, is beyond me. It’s like when the doctor pushes around on your outsides and tells you that he can actually feel your organs.


I go home and have a go and they’ve all disappeared.

Crawled back into the murky abyss I suppose.

So what with that on my mind and the trip home I was completely off going into the studio.

It was enough to drag myself out of bed.

But that’s over now and for the past two or three days P has been well out of luck with any dinner being presented to him on his return from the big outdoors.

I mean how hungry can you get sitting behind a desk all day.

I did feel a little guilty yesterday though, but as I sat finishing up one of my new pieces, it didn’t quite stop me from texting him that the chicken just did not want to get into the oven.

Not my fault…

Here’s what I’ve been working on.





And before I could actually bother to even look at the jewelry table here’s what I tried to get back into the mood with.

A little colour.


Now I’m working on this,


Which was the cause of the chicken protest.

And I leave you with one of the reasons my life is so complicated.

A note from P.


I get them sometimes.

He leaves them for me so that I don’t forget that sometimes there are important things that need to be done.

Like cooking I suppose.

But really!

What the hell does it mean?

18 thoughts on “Why you should never mention the words, Kidney Disease, to a hypochondriac…

  1. Glad to know you’ll survive ……. your blog both inspires and tickles me.


    • coldfeetstudioblog


  2. Ooo new stuff! Lovely 🙂 did you make the blue stones? And really I’m loving the painting. The composition makes such a statement

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      No, I got them on Etsy. I’ve so many stones that I don’t know what to do with them all and have actually banned myself from even looking at new ones now 🙂

  3. And underlined even. It must have been very important. I didn’t realize your husband was fluent in Sanskrit. Fascinating man! LOVE your pieces, as always, especially that first sweet little number with the flower. Glad your demise has been postponed to another day! And hopefully brought on by something more exciting than kidney disease–like maybe tuberculosis in an artist’s garret. Now that would be EPIC.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      I know, right!

  4. Sandy

    Great fun to read and glad you don’t have to beg for a kidney!

    • coldfeetstudioblog


  5. Ellen

    Glad to know everything is ok…
    What does P note say? Also, love the painting… it would be so lovely on a piece of your pottery where you could serve your roasted chicken! Love all the new jewelry designs….

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      This one was actually a reminder to him that he had a – breakfast meeting! Who’d have thunk 😉

  6. Looked to me like the note read ” I’d love to take you out for a nice dinner tonight”. Anyway, very glad to know that you’re fine and still able to make beautiful things with your hands!

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      lol How fun would that be 😉

  7. You mean you DIDN’T hit that doctor?!?! Do thank him for letting you live to tell the tale, in any case. I really love that painting, too, though I’m still waiting to see what became of the other, wayward bird. My favorite of the new jewelry is the one with your tube bead. As for the note in Polish, I thought maybe it was really the recipe underneath that was meant for you.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      He’s definitely been hinting at the lack of cooking lately…

  8. I was wondering where you were. Glad you are good and back. The jewelry pieces are great as usual. But I really love the painting. In my class back before Christmas we were working on hinges. Grrrrrr……Drove me nuts. Now we are doing some raising…a bowl. That’s kind of fun. For color I decided to try art journaling. We will see how that goes. Hope you continue to get a break from cooking. I vote for P taking you out.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      I was going to have a go at hinges. It’s been on my mind to make a box for a long time now. Often I find that I mull it around for ages until I’ve almost made one in my head before I even start. Maybe it’s time. And raising a bowl – I’d love to do it.

      I always start off art journaling and can never seem to follow through.

  9. ceciliarobinsonza

    I am so happy you are fine and not suffering from a dreaded disease! I was worried about you! I am quite sure P’s note said: of course you can have one of my kidneys, my dear! Your new pieces are beautiful, you have been very prolific given how “ill” you have been. Yes, my new blog is ready. I don’t know if I am allowed to say it on your blog, but just in case you don’t know where to look, it is on my website, http://www.ceciliarobinson.co.za. Only now I realise how brave you are to put yourself and your innermost thoughts out there for everyone to see. I feel like I have to apologise to people for my website and my blog and my work, which is really ridiculous as I am the only person I know in our country who has a website and a blog! And I have only really been making jewellery for less than 18 months. And we do not get the beautiful stones you do in the US. And we do not have the luxury of Etsy to sell our work, so I decided to use my website for that purpose as well. And, and, and… I am already stressing about my next post, I thought I had so much stuff to say, and now suddenly, nothing comes to mind. Oh well, I am sure I will be able to dredge something up when the time comes. I have this favourite saying: It is what it is …

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      I loved reading your blog! It was so real and interesting. Listen if you ever want me to send you any stones from Etsy, or anywhere else, I will gladly do that. Can’t you order them from Etsy?

      I have to tell you that I don’t plan what I write, it all just streams out of me and I don’t really know where it’s going half the time. I write it to laugh at myself really as I do tend toward the melodramatic 😉 I also think that it’s good to share. I like the idea that someone, somewhere, might be struggling, or think that their skills are not good enough and that they might read this blog (or yours) and know how often I mess up and that I’m just winging it really as so why not have a go themselves. Life’s too short, right?! 🙂

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