Chain making mania

I have it.


And now I can’t stop even though they take ages to make


And it means my prices will have to go up


And I’ll never sell anything any more


But they give so much more depth to the pendants that I don’t think I can turn back now.


Off to make another one

I’ve got water and protein bars stocked up so if you don’t hear from me for a while I think I’ll be o.k.

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    • I did solder it. It isn’t as fiddly to do as it looks. For the bottom, green garnet one, I soldered the small links that hold the figure 8’s together last. For the second necklace with the jaspers, I soldered the larger links last, before I twisted them into the 8, and that was a lot less fiddly. Both ways are good.

  1. I get you… it feels like cheating if you back and add components that you didn’t make from scratch. Worse, it LOOKS like cheating — at least to the maker!! 🙂 I’m just grateful I haven’t started excavating my own metals yet…

      • Exactly! I’m there in the bead bog already (well, people ASK me “did you make these [semi-precious gemstone] beads too”), so I feel a cheat saying I bought them, and then I have to figure out how to make my own … ok, I like it too 🙂 But I’ve been unable to find a Jasper mountain in my backyard, so I have to use other stuff. And you do your own cabs, that goes a looong way. Mixing in your own with bought beads counts, doesn’t it?? But no gold mining, please (lol)!