The 20 gauge fine silver by 8mm mandrel chain

With the bracelet.



0 thoughts on “The 20 gauge fine silver by 8mm mandrel chain

  1. I JUST finished reading our last post, and was about to comment, then this popped up in my feed. OMG!! This is simply STUNNING! I lean so much from your blog…thank you for always sharing!

  2. Diana

    Beautiful ❤️

  3. Sandy Robinson

    You are a really good instructor and your finished work is wonderful. Thank you for sharing the chain tutorial. Also, your pancake spacers are really neat!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Fantastic bracelet!!!

  6. leciaw63

    love, love, love!!!

  7. Wow! You are definitely back with a vengeance! Really enjoying the detailed peeks inside your makings. Intrigued by that pearl-centered spiral scroll…

    • I know, right. It’s nothing, nothing, nothing, then you can’t stop me! Story of my life.

      That pearl spiral is just a lump of silver that, in a previous life, was a big mess of a mistake. Never give up on them lol Now I want more of them I probably won’t be able to recapture it 😉

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