Friday. Again.

Do you think Spencer One Eye could be more comfortable?

I can’t make the bed until he gets up.

O.K. that’s not true. I probably wont make the bed anyway.

Soooooo, it’s Friday. Again. I’m not up either – only because I don’t want Spencer to feel the odd man out. I’m a good pet parent like that. Always aware of their psychological health.

I have a bit of a headache and I’m still tired from P waking up at 4:30 to go fishing. You couldn’t get me up at that time of day to meet the Queen. She’d have to wait – at least until after I’d had my first cuppa of the day. Also, Spencer has rearranged himself closer and is purring loudly, a cosy feeling not to be taken lightly – I have to soak up the love else it be wasted.

To be honest, I spend a fair bit of time in bed in the morning. I generally wake up at 7 ish. (Recently more like 6 ish, which is a bit of a bummer but what can you do). I try to go back to sleep, but eventually realise that my brain has started to work overtime on all the things it wants to do. I try to ignore it and pretend I’m asleep, but eventually have to give in to the fact that that’s it for me, even if I am tired – which seems like always.

 I really need to stop playing wordfued until midnight.

But then I drink the cup of tea that P has made for me, I love him for making my tea, and check my e mails, which are all junk mail!

How is it that I’m getting mail from the scooter store?

At first I thought it was a real scooter, you know like vespa scooters, and mods and rockers and quadrophenia, and all that.

From Jolly Edition – HERE.

and I thought, ahh, they must know me.

Then, when I clicked, I found out it was this scooter. (I can’t even post a picture of it, it’s too disturbing).

And I thought, what the #&*%@$! only I used real letters (in my mind) and felt really old and that maybe I would stay in bed for the rest of the day.

A helpful tip here – don’t click.

After the e mails I either surf for a while, or read, or make notes, or just continue thinking until I’ve sorted out the whole universe thing and am ready to start the day. Sometimes I might write a rambling blog post on anything that comes to mind, or a paragraph of a new book I’m thinking of writing, or sometimes I just dwell, in that droopy way I’ve talked about before, on things that are usually not worth dwelling about.

Today is a bit of all of them. But now, I’m ready for the day to begin and I’m thinking I might do some of this

But, yesterday I made this,

which I’m kind of loving …

so I might have to touch these instead.

From Silurian Era
click photo

I also bought a new rivet making tool which, as an aside, reminds me of my dad as it smells of grease. My dad was a mechanic and it’s a smell I like – strange but true.

From Forgeron on Etsy
click photo

So, I might end up making rivets instead.

What ever it ends up being I’ll not know until I get out of bed.

So, Happy Friday you people out there. It’s time to rock the world.

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  1. Ellen Killinger

    First, you must have visited the Scooter Store in order for them to send you an email; or at least inquired about one. Or just lucky that they pulled your name out-of-hat!
    Second, loving your jewelry!!! Also, the two together would make lovely earrings…
    Keep up the good work! Have a great weekend…. hope to talk with you soon!

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