Oh the problems …

I only rocked the world a little bit yesterday. P came home early from fishing. No fish he said, which I think is code for, I had nibbles galore but couldn’t catch a thing. But, to give him the benefit of the doubt, there were no fish … in the whole lake, or sea, or wherever he and S went.

Because they came home early, and because I got out of bed late – not my fault, Spencer needed company – I didn’t make it into the studio until 2-ish. I didn’t paint as it was worrying me. It’s like I’m scared of it or something. Another strange but true fact. (I might have to start listing this phenomenon of weird, doesn’t make sense, ness for research purposes). Instead I put chains on all the pendants I’ve made. That’s something else I tend to put off as it really bothers me in case I get the length wrong. I know, how difficult is it? We’ll just have to mark it down as another strange one.

I have a couple of rulers but I also marked out a ruler on the table in front of where I cut the chain. It was annoying me that the thing kept moving as I worked so this is a great solution – except I forgot the ‘0’. Man, I need a whop to the head sometimes … or maybe that’s what went wrong in the first place.

So, even though I thought they looked suspiciously short each time I cut a length of chain, nope, I didn’t double check. You know, the old carpenter’s adage, measure twice, cut once – didn’t do it.

So, all my chains are now 16” instead of 18”. Not a terrible problem to fix but more a slap the forehead, for heaven’s sake girl, what on earth is wrong with you, kind of problem.

One thing’s for sure, I definitely have a reason for listening to my strange truths.

These are the victims,

and here’s a little something else I’m working on,

but I can’t figure out how to fix the clasp yet.

Oh the problems …

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  1. Short chain or not they look a-mazing!!!

  2. Ellen Killinger

    Was that a belt buckle in the last photo?

  3. Can’t say this enough: I love your blog and I love your jewelry.

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