Monday gloom.

Dentist this morning 🙁

Only a cleaning but the trauma of dentistry in England in the early seventies has left its toll. Our local dentist was a Mr Hoolian, aka, (o.k. only by me), Mr. Hooligan. Hated him. I’m sure he was a nice man but he had all of those sharp whirring tools, and all that smelly gas stuff.

I’m freaking myself out now.

Think of fairies, he would say with a sickly grin as he put the big black rubber gas mask on my face. Sure I thought of fairies. Big, grinning, evil fairies, hovering around me, thinking evil, vicious, stuff of nightmare thoughts.

Freaking fairies. Never been a fan since.

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  1. Oh my. Guess I’m lucky that I never had too much trouble with dentists.

  2. Ugh…good luck! Now I’m off to Stalk your shop…

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