Kitty Fashionista.

Here’s Wally, waiting for his nails to be painted.

I took all the cats in for their yearly this week, and yep, while dropping them off mentioned the doggy pedicure – again. I couldn’t help it, I think I’m still in the baffled and amazed stage. S, who helped me with the cats, gave me a swift kick to the shin. I think I embarrass him. He told me I was being rude. Oh well.

I thought I had heard it all on animal bizarre-ment. Nope. The assistant then told me that some kitty owners also get their cats pedicured! What the @%^*#$$!! Problem is, she went on to tell me, because cats claws are retractable they have trouble drying them so it’s not so popular.

Not so popular. There’s a clue. I just can’t imagine why.

Anyhow I got to thinking about it and, obviously, Wally’s been thinking about it too – he was probably kennelled next to a feline fashionista while he was waiting for his shots. He’s been giving me the, here are my nails, go on, do it, hint, every time he sits next to me since.

I suspect he’s always wanted to try out the transvestite thing. I think that’s why I love him.

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  1. Maybe some black nail polish. Very punk.

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