Why I’m not an Olympian.

I’m going to try to photograph and list some new items of jewelry today. I’ve been a bit behind in everything since my dad is visiting, which is absolutely fine by me. Priorities are everything, right 🙂

Been watching some of the Olympics. Loved that the Brits got a bronze in gymnastics. I didn’t even know we had a team! And the synchronized diving. Good grief. How good are those guys. I really enjoyed watching the Mexicans. Wow is all I can say.

So, today is going to be more of the same. Just kicking back, enjoying my dad and enjoying the Olympics.

Does this make me wish I’d tried harder at P.E.?

Not on your Nelly!

I was never that good at sports. I remember being fairly good at making up time as the fourth leg in the relay. I had a good eye for tennis and squash and really liked javelin – don’t ask me why, could have been something to do with sharp pointy things and anger issues. But I just couldn’t cope with the jumping sports. I suppose the long jump was O.K. and the triple jump somewhat fun, but the high jump was just freaky. God only knows how those people do the pole volt! I do enjoy watching that on t.v. though.

I was a complete failure at field sports. Especially when it was my turn as goalie. The anxiety from waiting for someone to whack the ball at you in field hockey was just too much for me. And it hurt! What was that all about! They give you that little stick and you’re supposed to defend your goal with it! That’s almost like using chop sticks to eat. The pressure of letting your whole side down as they watch you jump out of the way of the ball was unbearable.

Not a good time in the showers after that I can tell you.

Gym was awful. I had, and still have, no upper body strength. It was humiliating not being able to get up that rope and to top it all we had to wear those silly black knickers.

Diving – I couldn’t even get up the ladder to the platform, and swimming … I want to be near the water, not in it. All that stuff up your nose and in your ears. It’s not normal people!

I would opt for badminton, thinking it was an easy option. No it wasn’t, and volleyball just meant bruises all up your arm.

I remember thinking that I’d never make it back to school alive when we did cross-country. That would teach them when they found me dead from exhaustion in a ditch somewhere. And I can only thank god we didn’t have horses on the school ground.

Non stop cricket rounders (don’t ask) was fairly fun though.

On the whole I think it’s fairly safe to say that sports were definitely not my thing. Some might think I’m somewhat a wimp – but I’m still alive.

How smart is that …

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  1. Beth

    You made me laugh again. It brought back my junior high P.E. memories of getting into a fight with an older girl when she wouldn’t give anyone else time on the trampoline during gymnasitcs season. Yeah, I guess I had enough of her stuff. I won, ’cause she couldn’t find me up on the cages(locker room lockers) where I was hiding after my initial attack. They called me ‘Stealth’ after that. “Where is SHE, she hollered out”? No one told either, because no one liked the meanies in gym. Glad to be on your blog newsletter list. Maybe I should start one.

    • trampoline! i forgot about that one. how scary was that with the constant fear of a broken arm – or neck!
      funny about your fight. i was always too scared to cause trouble.

  2. Loved this post.  Your humor is wonderful.  My daughter and I have been enjoying the Olympics.  Love the gymnastics.  Somehow we find lots to laugh about….but mostly we are just in awe of what we see.  Thanks for the laughs!

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