A rainy Pissarro kind of day.

Big storm last night and it looks like more rain today. Right now it’s dark and cosy. A good reading day, but, I’m thinking studio …

A while back I started this,

which turned into this,

then this,

and now this,

As always I think I prefer the first one. Bummer!

Today I’ll be continuing to work the back ground and do something with the tree and sky.

I took it from Pissarro’s – The Red Roofs.

Isn’t it brilliant.

No chance I’ll be caught in a fraudulent act here! Just practicing.

 I’ve been going through a ton of audio books while out in my studio and it’s costing me a small fortune. The last one I downloaded was, I Alex Cross, by James Patterson. It was O.K. a bit more grizzly than the others. These authors certainly have a dark side, it’s a wonder they’re allowed out on the streets. Then dad brought over some Dick Francis, pretty light weight in comparison. That was just O.K too. I think it might be time to get out some real books for a change. I do have an audio copy of, To Kill a Mockingbird, one of my favourite books, and movies come to that, (can you say Gregory Peck!) so I think I might give that a go today.

Who knows, it might just improve my painting skills.

One can always hope …

0 thoughts on “A rainy Pissarro kind of day.

  1. Beth

    The rain has cooled us off here in south Texas. Whew and a good thing, because one of our a/c’s is not working. To be repaired tomorrow morning hopefully. I need to get into my studio soon too, but just haven’t been motivated lately. What is a good way to get motivated into the studio for you? Maybe if I just say I am going to clean it up might get me in there.

  2. I’d say all of them are good, but to tell the truth I’d also go for the first one. Love the colours! K.

  3. I agree, the first one is the best.

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