It’s O.K. really :)

Update from this mornings post.

So, perhaps the hair didn’t come out so well but I had a jewelry sale this morning which topped me close to the $1000 mark.

Okay, so I didn’t really make $1000, as P would be eager to point out to you, as I have never worked my jewelry making as a ‘proper’ business. I pay taxes on the money I receive, etc., but I don’t include my expenses and supplies in that figure – I just get excited when someone buys something from me and then I add up all the money I get for the jewelry and tell P how successful I am :). I consider the expenses and supplies I buy a gift I give myself to be able to enjoy my craft. The other part, the part I ‘earn’, I consider a gift I give back, which in itself is another gift I give myself. One day I am going to get it all together and try to work it properly but right now I am just happy that I was able to send my hard-earned and completely enjoyable, $1000 to Care.

Thank you to everyone who bought a piece of jewelry from me in the past few months.

You are good people 🙂

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