Wot chu say Wol?

Some paintings I’m working on.

But I’m really struggling.

I think the problem is, I’m all over the place.

Wot chu say Wol?

My thoughts exactly.

0 thoughts on “Wot chu say Wol?

  1. Ellen Killinger

    You need to get out more!!!

  2. Love the first one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I agree with Ellen! When are we getting together again?

  3. Beth

    I like the painting with the red diamond kite floating in it. This painting shows alot going on, but still holds together with the repitition of colors, shapes, and textures you created. This painting is full of activity, and I like how it keeps me looking, because I feel I’m on a journey as I go through the pathways. The subdued colors calm it down to where the focal point that I discovered was in the red kite that I see. Others will probably see something different, but I enjoy this painting and it’s changing scenario.

    • 🙂 i like that one also, and the top one with the two pics in, esp the top one hiding behind the other.

  4. Ali

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