I’ve been

Listing new things on Etsy.

Man it’s long work.

I also put something new on Tictail but I’m not sure anyone really goes to look at that.

Now I feel like this.

I think I’ll go play with a cat.

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  1. Love them all! How is the pricing going? Remember, I am here if you have questions.

    • well, it’s o.k.
      i’m having a bit of a down time right now re evaluating my outlets. I don’t think anything really happens at etsy.
      how are you 🙂

      • Why don’t you just post jewelry for sale on your own website? There are some very great shopping cart websites like bigcartel.com

        Why put jewelry on a website (like etsy) where you have to compete to be seen with about a kajillion other jewelry pages? That is one reason I have my own website page. Granted there is a lot more work involved than posting to etsy but its well worth it.

  2. well, i have tictail, which i’m working on. it’s a nice site, it’s free and it has a cart. i just put out a lot of business cards at my local art fair also, but i’m considering approaching some shops, etc.

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