Don’t forget to warm your cockles …

I know you’ve been worried about the progression of the quilt, so here’s an update.

I take these photographs after each session because sometimes it’s clearer to see what needs to be changed by looking at them. I find this is the same for painting also. Sometimes when a portrait, for instance, is off, and, you just can’t see what’s wrong with it, a photograph will point out the problem straight away. It gives you some distance. Removes you somewhat from the process.

I can also walk away from it and look at the photographs later. Creep up on it when it’s not expecting it. Catch the quilt off guard. Makes it easier to figure out a problem without the guilt of looking it straight in the face.

Quilts have feelings too you know.

So, it looks like it’s going to be a dark, moody, day. I hope so anyway. A good day to lock myself away in the quilt room and play around some more. I’ve been having a bit of trouble with the middle, but, I think I’m getting there.

N and I made a good beef bourguignon last night.

I woke up knowing that’s what I wanted to eat. Always a relief to get that little problem out of the way. We ate it over little fingerling potatoes with french beans. I love these little beans the most. You wont go back to the dark side once you’ve eaten them. Same with petit pois, regular old peas just wont be the same after you’ve tried the small ones.

So …

If it’s dark and wintery where you are and you’ve got a nice fire in the grate going on and wooly socks on your feet, give this recipe a try and let me know if it doesn’t warm the cockles of your heart. Only don’t tell me about the dark wintery bit with the fire and wooly socks because I live in Houston, remember, and although it’s definitely a shade darker than normal out there, I’d have to strip down to have the fire going.


0 thoughts on “Don’t forget to warm your cockles …

  1. It’s cold where I am but I don’t have a fireplace. πŸ™

    The quilt is coming along beautifully! It is so intricate and gorgeous. Love it!

  2. thanks πŸ™‚
    you might need one yourself with no fireplace – and, a hot water bottle. i grew up in england with one fireplace for the whole house so i know lol
    it might be like that up north here, but, i haven’t been so i don’t know what the houses are like πŸ˜‰

  3. Beth

    It feels cold to me today coming back from the Caribbean islands. Ya mon! It was beautiful and warm. The weather was perfect and the water was a clear aquamarine blue. I did got stung by a jelly fish, but the natives poured rum on my burn and it felt fine, especially after they gave me some rum punch to drink. Ya mon! It’s cool!

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