Let the quilting begin…

I had a bit of a slow day yesterday, but finally got the half-finished quilt out. Here’s where I had left off. About a year ago when I got bored with it. Even though it was practically finished. Sometimes it goes like that. So I finished putting the red dots on the blue doowhats and have […]

I’ve been thinking quilts…

I refuse to think that I’m in a funk. I choose to believe that I need a change of scenery. (Thank you Cecilia, By the way, did your tank come yet?) Beginnings… Not sure how far I’ll get with this one for now as I’ve another one half finished, but it has got my quilt juices […]

That boy did a fine job …

The Union Jack pattern has arrived! I haven’t forgotten about the quilt I was working on before Christmas – or the five hundred and sixty three others that are waiting patiently for me to finish. If you remember, this is where I left it. On the floor, alone, wondering when I would return … if […]


(drum roll) I have finished the book! (I know some of you were really worried about how it was going). And it was good. Sadly inevitable but good. I’ve just sent it to my sister, and, as I was buying it on amazon u.k. took the time to read the reviews. A few of them said […]

Next up.

Cut out all of the pieces for the four corners, just so you don’t have to freak out later when you discover you’ve run out of a particular fabric and the store hasn’t got any more and you spend fruitless hours on-line looking for someone, somewhere, who can help you, all the while knowing that […]

Every so often

I get the quilting bug. Hence the trip to the quilt festival at the weekend. I finished N’s quilt quite a long time ago now, but, because of the jewelry making, painting, etc., I’ve not felt as though I’ve had enough time for quilt making for some time. But it’s always there, in the back of […]