Out with the old and in with the new.

It turns out, if you have to drop your mac, make sure it doesn’t fall on its hinge else it severs your wi fi connection, or, on its front left hand side as, apparently, that’s where the hard drive is. I know this because B spilled a whole can of coke on her one last year and she was barely able to retrieve all of her class work from it.

Fortunately, as most of it spilled on the right hand side, we were able to copy her hard drive and she was able to graduate, but, the whole thing could have gone terribly wrong. Don’t let this happen to you. Always drop to the front right.

That said, mine dropped to the back left, which is no good, whatsoever, for the airport card, which is located in the middle hinge area, (according to the nice apple lady), and which, as a consequence, eventually died a slow, drawn-out, death from its wounds. And, as the ethernet socket was completely smooshed also, it was goodbye internet and all you have to offer.

The I pad, bless its heart, was o.k. but, for me, not so good. No offense I pad, you did your best under the circumstances, but, you wouldn’t let me center my paragraphs and I just couldn’t cope with not having control over my blog layout.

I haven’t quite laid my old laptop to rest as it has loads and loads of, I don’t know why I even kept it all, stuff on it. Mostly I saved things I never once looked at again and it became more and more stuffed with stuff. I’ve slowly come to realise that I am an internet hoarder. But. No more! I am cured of all that and have vowed never to stuff this, my new laptop, with stuff. That meant getting rid of 6000 e mails. Yes, 6000! Every day I said, today’s the day I will sort through my e mails, but they just kept coming.

It was a nightmare.

Now they are gone and I feel remarkably relieved.

So to celebrate I bring to you the beginning process of B’s quilt.

First you work on the pattern. Figuring out the size, etc.,

Then you draw it out full scale.

(Well, I do anyway).

And, then you continue to cut out the templates.

At this point you realize, (although really you suspected from the beginning), that there is a lot of background showing and that threatens to bring the whole quilt down. So, you decide that perhaps the background would look better broken up a bit.

But, you’re still not sure.

Then you practice fiddling around with all the other fabrics you have.

(Of course, Wally has to be there every step of the way).

And although you really like the fabrics, are they too dull? Is the background too dark? Will everything look blah? Am I wasting my time?

Here it is, well, one corner of it, but it is instagrammed, (don’t ask me why except I’m still a little fascinated by it), so the colours are a bit off, but you can still get a good idea of the block, if not the colours.

And, despite all the worries, I think I’m liking it.

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