I went to the Houston Quilt Festival. It’s held at the George R Brown Convention Center which must be one of the biggest buildings I’ve been in here in Houston.

 By the end of it my legs felt as though they were going to drop off, and, we didn’t even see all of it.

Here are some of the quilts. Some I like, some I don’t particularly like but have to appreciate the work put in to them.

This one (below) was huge.

This one was fun.

And, for some reason that I’ll probably never fully understand, I really liked this one.

Couldn’t sleep under it though. Or, come to think about it, have it on my wall.

I also liked this one a lot.

And have decided that

I really have to make one of these.

I’ve always been drawn to crazy quilts.

It always surprises me that I like quilts, but, there’s something about taking perfectly good pieces of fabric, cutting them up into small pieces, and, putting them all back together again in a different order, that really appeals to me. I also love the fact that someone I’ll probably never know, living  somewhere I’ll probably never visit, or in a life time before mine, sat down and made a blanket that I can look at now. What is/was her life like?  It fascinates me.

I have two great books on Texas quilts. They are called, Lone Stars, A Legacy of Texas Quilts. The first one is great. There are pictures of these little old ladies who actually are probably not much older than I am due to their harsh living conditions. There is a description of their lives and pictures of the quilts. It’s brilliant. It goes back to 1825.

As I was looking for a link for the Lone Star books I found this.

I am not a religious person, perhaps you can blame that on the fact that I’m British, but, this woman is very inspiring.

And, to top it all off I saw this.

And, now I want to make one.

Like I don’t have enough to do already.

And then …

Just when I thought I was safe …

(who knew there would be beads at the quilt show …)

Australian Variscite
Chinese Hemimorphite Druzy

And (please help me)

Natural Garnets from Alaska

Fortunately I managed to get out of that booth quickly.

I think I wont allow myself out of the house any day soon …

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  1. I love quilt exhibits. The one of the houses is really cool.

  2. That woman is pretty crazy… In a very good way… I think I will have to add gumption to my shopping list

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