I wanted to

take a photo of dinner last night.

But I forgot.

Here it is at the end.


It’s hard to see exactly what we had, so I’ll help you out.

We went to our mussel friends house and ate mussels cooked in butter, white wine and thyme. To be honest the liquid is as good as the meat, M made homemade bread and to dip it in and soak up the liquid is to die for.

We only eat mussels with these people.

It’s a tradition.

To be honest with you eating mussels freaks me out a bit. I’m always relieved when I wake up in the morning and realize I have survived the night.

They also look creepy, like Audrey Jr. from the Little Shop of Horrors. Inside that shell is a miniature venus fly trap waiting to devour you from the inside out.


O.K. maybe only I can see the comparison.

But they are delicious.

Especially if you don’t look at them too much.

We finished it off with warm chocolate cake and cream.

Now I’ll have to see if I can haul my ever growing belly out of the house to buy something healthy for dinner.

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