I bought a cup.

Ron Philbeck

Really I wanted a mug, but, as I’m a fussy tea drinker, I wasn’t too sure about them. Now, coffee … I wouldn’t have a problem with. For me, good, strong, coffee, is best drunk from a good, strong (read think edged) mug. Tea needs a different rim thickness. A refined thickness. Not necessarily bone china you understand, in fact, I prefer a stoneware mug, but, it has to have the right feel and I’m not sure these mugs will have it.

But this cup makes me smile and I think I might use it as my water cup when I’m painting with water colours. (Sorry Ron, but, I really needed one of your pieces and I don’t drink coffee).

If you’re a coffee drinker and like to smile when you drink (only not at the same time as that could be messy) go check out his work.

Saying that I’ll probably buy one eventually and make myself drink more coffee.

I didn’t go to my quilt room yesterday as there was a lot of other stuff to do. I have been sorting through my files and transferring the ones I want over to my new laptop. It’s all pretty straightforward but time consuming. I definitely fell into the black hole of the computer world. Then I decided beef and black bean enchiladas were needed. N makes killer chicken enchiladas from a recipe we found on cooking light so when I found the beef one I thought it had a good shot of being as good.


The tortillas were soggy and the filling and sauce boring.

Still, I feel it has potential and next time I will change things up a bit. How can the chicken one be so good and the beef so blah?

Look at them, they look so good.

I feel jipped.

So, fajita’s tonight, although now I’m feeling a bit worried.

 I’ll be bummed if they come out as bad.

Next up.

More adventures in quilt land.


a to die for bean soup.

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