Why did the Mayan’s have to ruin my Christmas?

O.K. Just because they messed up and got to abandon all hope, why do they have to go and ruin it for the rest of us?

Didn’t they know I’m a hypochondriacal, hyper-vigilant, neurotic, scaredy-cat, worrier person and that I wouldn’t cope very well with all that end of the world stuff?

And what’s with all the t.v. people rubbing it in?

S watches all the ancient aliens, end of the world, doom and gloom stuff, and, of course, I can’t look away. It’s like some drawn out anxiety nightmare that wont go away. You know, the one where you’re running, and, running, and not moving anywhere fast. Actually, in my running dream, I do move, quite fast really, but only by moving one leg forward. My other leg just catches up and pushes. Weird, right?


I can do the ancient alien thing. But, what I cannot do is how we are ALL going to come to some awful, unfathomable, and, probably, extremely painful, end on the 21st December of THIS year.

Not Cool!

Just leave me alone wont you and stop telling me I’m going to die.

It’s so annoying.

Just as I tell P that next year he’s getting the d*#*! tree because I can’t cope with the stress of picking out just the right one.

(That will teach him. Let him walk around in the dead forest looking for the right shape and see how he feels when you drag it home and everyone laughs).

It’s all going to end?


Man, do I ever get a break!

It’s kind of ticking me off.

Last night they mentioned solar flares, magnetic field stuff, and, get this, pole reversal!

What? All on the same day?

To misquote Lady Bracknell,

To be dealt one disaster, Mr Earth, may be regarded as a misfortune. To be dealt two, (or three or four), looks like carelessness.

Darn unfortunate if you ask me.

Apparently the electricity will fail because of the solar flare. At first I thought that this was a little more comforting than burning up as this particularly huge flare soars through the protective whatever it is that usually shields us from the regular old solar flares. This protective shield, by the way, is shrinking. (Not to bring anyone down). But, then I watched how bad it will be without electricity and I think that maybe the burning up bit and getting it out of the way might be preferable after all.

I don’t really know what the reversal of the poles will do to us, except that it does sound rather clever.

There are people out there preparing to poison you with hemlock if you threaten their hood, and shoot you, and, probably eat you if they’re reading the Mayan’s, how to save yourself when the electricity runs out, hand book.

I know, I’ve seen it on the T.V.

This all begs the questions.

Should I even bother with presents this year?

Should I drink all the egg nog now?


Can I finally give up worrying about my weight?

I guess we’ll find out on the 22nd.

0 thoughts on “Why did the Mayan’s have to ruin my Christmas?

  1. Don’t even give it a second thought. We will still be here on the 22nd, and the 23rd, and so on and so on. There will just be shifts to our energy and some of us will feel this. Think about it … how many times has the END been predicted and obviously NOT happened.

    • that’s what i’m thinking 🙂
      i do think we could all slow down and rethink though. or, maybe that’s just my age talking lol

  2. Beth

    Why do people constantly keep trying to predict when the end of the world will be? Because the control freaks are at work again. I think it is just a plot from some sinister brain washing organization to get us to panic and rule by fear. Don’t listen to all the hogwash. Yes, I just checked and hogwash is in the Merriam Webster Dictionary. Hog*wash: n. 1.swill, slop 2.nonsense, baloney

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