You’ll be pleased to know that

I’m finally back to reading.


And, you will also be relieved to know that I have, at last, figured out how to make my Instagram photo’s larger.

I realize that this was worrying a lot of you out there. I know I’m a happier person for it. I’ll probably forget how to do it tomorrow, but, hey, I succeeded today!

And, just as an aside, thank you WordPress for making the photo adding thingy page easier to manage. I know you had me in mind when you did this.

As you may remember I’ve been reading the, House of Sand and Fog, for years now, well since July anyway, but, I think I’m finally through the drought.

The thing is, I’ve enjoyed it the whole time I’ve been reading it – I just can’t figure out why I can’t get around to finishing it. I mean it’s not a bad book. I like the way it’s written, it’s easy to read, fast paced, interesting, etc., but, I’m still on page 208!

This is not good for my book a month Wannado.

But, I’m feeling better about it today. I had a long session with Ms Nicholo and Mr Behrani last night and could have kept going except word feud was calling and Ms Nicholo was getting a bit out of hand for my liking and I had to put her down for a bit.

See, the problem here is Word Feud, and, as I’m ‘fessing up,¬†Samurai Sudoku.

I think I’m addicted and it’s getting in the way of life.

How can I blame Ms Nicholo for her addictions if I have mine too.

So, I’m almost finished with the Samurai app.. Thank you I Pad, it was good, but I’m relieved it’s nearly over. One more puzzle and I’m free to move on. Let’s just hope it’s not onto the next app. – my Wannado List is suffering.

Oh, and the decorating.

There’s no room for you and Santa, sudoku puzzle app.

It’s time to move on and move out.


I have things to do.

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