Tell me.

Why no one told me about Philip Jackson?


Where has he been my whole life?


I am seriously ashamed of myself for having not heard of him.

Look at that foot.


Those hands


The movement.


So delicate.


And striking.

Those fingers!

I want to stand and look at her all day.


And sit next to this one just to feel her calm and talk with her about her book.


O.K. these are a bit intimidating.


But how sad is she.


I want to take care of her, listen to her story.

O.K. I want one.

Perhaps for my birthday?

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  1. Those are great! They remind me of the Weeping Angels in Doctor Who. I’m not sure if you are familiar but you should google it if you aren’t.

    • Yes they do! Those are the creepy angels that get closer each time you turn your back on them aren’t they?
      Doctor Who used to scare the bejesus out of me when I was a kid. I used to hide behind the sofa with my hands over my ears when the daleks were on. Now they’re laughable (thank god), but the angels are definitely creepy …

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