To oblivion and beyond.

As Buzz would say.


O.K. so he wouldn’t, but he could have, and with a little make up he def could look the spitting image of Tom. No?


O.K. maybe a lot of make up, but they have the same eyebrows.

Bottom line, it was better than Olympus has Fallen, but we left with more questions than made sense. Half way through it took on a bit of a, what?, theme, but Tom wasn’t so bad to look at I suppose, so all wasn’t that lost. Looking forward to Star Trek and the Great Gatsby now.

Spent yesterday, before the movies, glazing plates. I really am already disappointed with the outcome and they’re not in the kiln yet.

Oh yes, they look alright now.








But lets just wait and see what 1800 + F does for them.

I’m not holding my breath.

The photos are a bit dull, I’ll try to replace them later with better ones. Off to the farmers market now. I’ve got to get my health back on 😉


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  1. Reblogged this on Tweet Geist Guy and commented:
    Interesting movie, Humans. Interesting Toy, too.

  2. Looks good to me, and I’m sure the kiln will work its magic on them.

    • I’m beginning to think that my kiln is an evil magician though. I’m sure it has a personality all of its own, and it’s out to get me.

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