A good day at the art fair.

The weather couldn’t have been better. Usually I have to change clothes three times (I kid you not), because it’s so hot and humid that I wither away into a pile of wet sludge, which, let me tell you, is not good for business. Actually, in all the years I’ve lived here in Houston, I can’t remember a spring like it. The weather is gorgeous, and has been for way longer than it should be, which leads me to worry about imminent global doom, but, I won’t go there today as it’s too pretty outside.

The weather brought everyone out to play and there were a couple of times when there were so many people in my booth that it was a veritable people-crush. It was like that time when someone decided to see just how many people you could squeeze into a Mini Minor, but a little safer as I wouldn’t let anyone get onto the tables.


P’s aunt had one of these, it was like a tin can on wheels.

I sold about $1200 of jewelry, mainly necklaces, which surprised me as they are way more expensive and usually the earrings go first. My first sale was to a man who came in, looked around, and picked up four pieces for a total of $244 before I could even get my Square credit card thingy set up on my i phone. If you haven’t got one of these yet, you should. Absolutely brilliant alternative to the zap thing that we used to use before smart phones got smarter than we did. (O.K. perhaps smart phones have always been smarter than me).

You tell me. Would you prefer this.


Which is o.k. except that then you have to go home and input all the credit card information into ProPay, or somewhere like that, including everyone’s zip/postal code. It’s at this point you realize that you forgot to ask everyone for their d*^m zip code, and so you then have to phone everyone who bought from you and ask them to please give you their zip code otherwise ProPay won’t process their payment. Then, after a few days, you have to remember to take the money out of ProPay and put it into your bank. Both Propay and PayPal have the (Square) swipe thingy now, but you still have to remove your money later.

Or, this,


Which, I admit is a little disconcerting in that whole, is it really doing what it says it does or have I just given $1200 of jewelry away, department. But, let me assure you, it does do what it says, and the money goes straight into your bank. No half way house, which makes me feel very grown up, and saves my brain a lot of worrying about forgetting things.

So, a good day on the whole, followed by utter exhaustion the next day. I am constantly amazed at how sitting around all day, doing nothing much of anything really except talking to people and taking their money, wears me out.

So, today I am painting.


I’ve had a well deserved cup of tea.

From another new mug. (Don’t judge me because I have a mug purchasing addiction).


And now I’m feeling the love.


Except I don’t believe in signs.

Just saying’.

Just in case you were wondering the record is now 28 people.

I feel a bit sorry for the woman who says the experience was second best after giving birth to her child, but who knows perhaps finally being let out of a Mini is much the same really – except the other way round …

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  1. I used to have one of those, my first car. Loved it!

    • I know. My nephew just got a ‘vintage’ one. I drive a mini cooper clubman now, because I’m old and need more room for all my stuff šŸ˜‰ Both my girls have the regular mini coopers. We’re definitely the mini family around here lol

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