And what exactly happened here?

You went into the quilt shop for white background fabric, and?


So you’re trying to tell me that tangerine is the new white?


I’ll buy that.

Amazingly tidy quilt table.


Look at it now, because it won’t last long.

First cup of tea.

(Actually my third. I’d already had two before I even made it to the quilt room).


Then I continued to make flowers and arrange them on the new white background.


I think it’s getting there, but the orange certainly surprised me.

So I had to have another cup of tea.


And I’m still not sure.


So I walked away for the day and went into the studio instead.

And made a bracelet.


I also found a (very) old photograph of me when I was at art school.


Could I look more grubby?

That jacket cost me 50p at the Help the Aged shop in Winchester. It was an old dustman’s jacket. My sister wouldn’t walk next to me when I wore it.

I have no idea why.


0 thoughts on “And what exactly happened here?

  1. Love the photo of you!
    About the tangerine…. don’t you think the background should make the flowers pop out more? Or maybe you’ll add some black outlines to the flowers later on and it will make all the difference then?

    • I agree, I’ve been thinking about it hoping something will come to me. So far it’s the best for me. I don’t really want to use black, although I agree it would make the colours pop more. It’s for a 5 year old so I want it to be as fun as possible. I think I’ll just keep on and make a decision when I’ve got everything in place. Oh, the worries 🙂

  2. Julia kovach

    Love the quilt, love the bracelet, and the photo is fantastic! You go girl!

  3. Fun to read this! Your range of interests and creative outlets is just enough like mine that I can always relate!

  4. I like the tangerine. I get so tired of seeing white backgrounds all the time-my first thought is always that it’s going to get dirty in no time.

    • I know, I’m still kind of wondering, but it’s all ready to go so I guess there’s no turning back now.

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