I’m gonna have to get me some new pixies.

I’m in the process of changing around my studio. The jewelry and painting have been nagging me for a bigger space as they’ve decided to sprawl and now take up every available inch of the back room. I love the ceramics and it’s always there waiting for me, but I think it can manage the smaller space.

It would probably enjoy the quiet more.

So I’m in the middle of the great switcheroo. Something that sounds as if it should happen overnight while you’re sleeping, but apparently my little pixie helpers are on strike, so I’m now into my fifth day!

O.K. so I’ve not put in full days as I get put off too easily, but if this whole thing is going to last more than a week, which it looks as though it might, I may well have to start drinking – again!

Either that or sack all of the pixies and get me some more. Forget the picket lines, I’m getting desperate here …


Yes I had to move that big hulking shelf that’s hovering in the doorway all by myself.

IMG_1733 IMG_1734 IMG_1735 IMG_1736 IMG_1737 IMG_1738

Practically, almost there.

(Well, this little corner anyway).


The soldering area is a little annoying as the table legs get in the way, and I’ve enough bruises as it is, so that might end up swapping spots with the buffing machine except the buffing machine is still in big trouble after my latest injury.

No, I won’t take any responsibility. It was all his fault.

I don’t know why Willow’s so exhausted.


She didn’t lift a paw.

Man! You just can’t get the help nowadays …

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  1. Love your wonderful helper’s picture! lol
    Also, I wish be as brave as you and shared my studio pictures…well maybe one day:)
    Etsy Blog Teammates

  2. I need to do some serous organizing in my studio–maybe I’ll fell inspired by your hard work!

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