Why jewelry making (for me) should perhaps be a spectator sport.

This is what happens when your mind wanders for just one nano second while you’re using the buffing wheel.


So take heed new jewelry making people.

This little beauty.


Can do this.


Soon I will make a booklet of all my jewelry injuries so that you can avoid them.

It should sell for millions.

I can’t give up though. I’ve just bought my first bowl of pitch.


No injuries so far although there were flames and smoke when I melted down the pitch lumps.

Mum always said, Why can’t you just get girly things like normal girls?

Well this is why.


I’m itching to have a go.

Lets just hope I can keep the injuries to a minimum …

0 thoughts on “Why jewelry making (for me) should perhaps be a spectator sport.

  1. I just posted earlier this week about the scars and marks lefts by making things! And I love chasing and repousse, too–be careful about inhaling the smoke off that pitch!

    • I bought some green stuff off Rio that is supposed to be non toxic and smells of pine resin, but I’m very wary about what I inhale so I shall definitely be cautious.

  2. Ellen Killinger

    OMG!!! Were you trying to polish your arm????

  3. Ouch. Warning received and noted.

    • Hi Elaine, It actually looked a lot worse than it was. The marks have almost gone and it really didn’t hurt after the first fifteen minutes or so, although at first I thought it was going to need amputation …

      Loved to hear from your about page that you’re from Cambridge (homesick still), and that you are as unorganized as I am.

      Happy days indeed 🙂

  4. Just had a snoop around your site and we actually have loads in common.

    I loved visiting Houston and across Texas, visiting a friend and am hoping to get a chance to go again soon.

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