Am I too pickled for opera?

Between you guys (sorry been in Texas too long) and the Flourish and Thrive course I’m really beginning to sort myself out… I think.

Either way I’m enjoying myself.

In January I decided to take my jewelry to the next level.

To Infinity and Beyond.

It started out a bit boring and at first I thought it weren’t possible capt’n. Also starting the course put me in a little funk and I kind of lost all my umph, but suddenly I got right back into the groove again and I can see some improvements now.

I’ve really enjoyed making these bracelets, however I worry about how they fit on the wrist.

You have to wear them snuggly otherwise the stone flips or slides around to the other side of your wrist.

It just can’t be simple can it!

I worry too much about the people who buy my jewelry, but I really can’t let it go. I can’t imagine someone spending money on something that isn’t just right.





Oh and I forgot to show you my very first cabochon.

Remember this


Well I took a piece of this

red plumb agate

Actually this isn’t exactly the piece because I forgot to take a photo before I cut it up, but it was very similar.

And I used this,


And made this.


It’s my very first one.

The most difficult part was getting the shape perfectly round, and getting a brilliant shine on it.

Both of which I haven’t quite mastered yet.

I’ve got the compound and the wheels, but used my felt on metal first and think that’s why.

Ani said sometimes tiny metal fragments can bed themselves in the felt wheel when polishing silver and in turn they can scratch the surface of a stone when you come to polishing one.

I knew that, but was too impatient not to try it on both metal and stone.

It was too exciting.

Now I’m going to have to buy myself a separate felt wheel just for the stones.

Still exciting though 🙂

I can see it’s going to take me some time to see the inner beauty of a stone also.

I’m not particularly fond of the off white opaque part of this one.

Anyway, I have a few more slabs to experiment on so I’ll keep you posted.

In other news I watched The Quartet again over Christmas.

Do you think it’s too late for me to take up opera singing?

I think I have the lungs for it.

That is if the pickle hasn’t got to them first.

0 thoughts on “Am I too pickled for opera?

  1. wiredweirdly

    LOVE your first cab!!! And the bracelets, especially the top one! I’ve often wondered about bracelets with a big cab in them, and how they “wear”.
    It’s good to hear that you’re feeling more confident with the new direction you’re moving in – you GO! I’ll be back here, applauding your inevitable success! 🙂

  2. Shai Williams

    Even if the stones do flip, you have made the backs just as beautiful.

  3. Your first cabochon looks fantastic. The white part is as beautiful and gives contrast to the rest. I really enjoy your blog entries, thank you.

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