Just in case you were missing me.

I thought I’d send you all a pic of my mantle.


Soil crumbs an’ all.


I love all of my mates.


Although P rolls his eyes.


Look at my new bird 🙂


Off to wipe it down now.

Oh, and I’ve been trying out new things with my triffid drawings.


And, the flush setting has begun!

I’ve two little stones in the studio as I write, waiting for me to finish them off.

And yes, that’s probably in the doom of death way.

I’ll keep you posted.

0 thoughts on “Just in case you were missing me.

  1. Chris Severson

    Love seeing the unique pieces on your mantle! Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your world. Your new work is intriguing and beautiful!

    • Thanks Chris. I love collecting these little sculptures, they make me smile.

  2. wiredweirdly

    I love your mantle – so full of character and color!

    That stitching takes it to a whole new level! Talk about adding dimension!

    • I do think that I’m being watched, but maybe that’s just a tad paranoid 😉

  3. Crumbs? I only have eyes for the Blue Fire sculptures! And I love the embroidered bezel on your flower. Or triffid. Makes me want to embroider again (only thing I can manage with fabrics).

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