So, I’ve given it all up again…

This week I’ve only managed to make horrible things.

Not only are they horrible, but they took years to make.

It was like drowning.

So I’ve decided to knock it on the head for a bit. For the rest of the week I’m just going to just clean up my jewelry for the art festival in May, work on my embroidery thing,


and I’ve an itch to paint, although we all know how that will turn out.

By the end of the week I’ll have not only drowned in the horror of it all, but sunk to a depth I’ll never be able to rise from.


Even my woes are feeling woeful for themselves at the moment, and I have injuries.

Deceivingly tiny, but very sore, hand injuries.

That Jool Tool, I’m telling you. I might have to start wearing the little green tape on my fingers that came with it.

I simply just can’t go on like this.

I need my skin.

I bought these a while back and, although they’re beautiful, I just wasn’t going anywhere with the shape.


I set one in a bracelet and absolutely hated it.


Every time I looked at it, it made me cringe.

In the end I took it out and the relief was overwhelming.

So I decided to cut them up, along with another stone that I’d put in the, nope, don’t like that either, pile.


And then I polished them along with my fingers.


And I thought I’d done a fairly good job even though I hadn’t exactly matched the sizes


But that was O.K. because I decided that I’d break them all up anyway and use them in different pieces rather than the earring pairs I was initially going for.


Yes it looks fine here, but I should have taken warning from the earrings I struggled with the previous day, which almost drove me nuts and used up a quarter tank of acetylene to boot.

So now all I’m left with are horrific pieces of, dare I call them, jewelry, and a whack to my confidence.

On the upside, however, it will be all fun and games at the immigration center again when it comes to taking my fingerprints for my green card.

Maybe I should take my Jool Tool along with me and they can scrape some of them off there.

0 thoughts on “So, I’ve given it all up again…

  1. What would we do without your ranting and head banging to let us know we’re not alone? 🙂
    A committed stone lover, I can only ooh and ah over your polished stones. I also know no picture can show how beautiful things are in person. So I will just chuckle over your ranting and wish I could see your things in person.

    • Sally, I rant constantly, but feel it’s important to share. We could all do with feeling we’re not alone 😉

  2. I’ve decided to knock it on the head, too, and just look at your embroidery for a while. (A semester’s winding down and I’m too exhausted to knock anything on the head too hard, even.) Anyway, I probably shouldn’t say so now, but I actually like the ex-bracelet and the odd-shaped stone. If I’ve learned anything at all about making jewelry (and that would be a wee bit), it’s that someone may well love what I absolutely hate… so please don’t mind my contradicting you.

  3. Lynn Eckman

    all your art work is amazing. You are so talented. I too am a jewreler, and I LIVE your work!!

  4. Ellen Killinger

    I love this bracelet you ninny….

  5. Don’t be too hard on yourself. On those days when nothing goes right I chalk it up to my learning curve. If everything always turns out perfect, then it means I am not pushing my skills to the next level. Take a break, then come back. I love your work, so different from my own, and totally inspiring.

    • 🙂 Thanks Eron. I actually am taking a break. I think I might pop in there tomorrow just to remind them all who’s boss, but I’m not going to worry much about it 🙂

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