The beast, the triffids, and the goal…

I finished the beast by taking out the Serpentine stone after I gouged a great big 5mm wide trough through it from one side to the other and managed to work with it on the Jool Tool (beginning to like this thing) until it was looking better.

I found that Serpentine, at least the ones I have, are very crumbly and I’m not completely sure I like that.


I worked with it as much as I could, but it isn’t one of my better pieces.

I think I set myself up for the fall because in the back of my mind I didn’t think I’d done the best job I could with forming the stones.

You can see from the above that the bottom bezel is too high, and the top bezel is just annoying because the bottom edge of its collar soldered to the top edge of the middle bezel’s collar and I had to saw it apart.

I say I had to. I could have sweated the three bezel collars off and started over, but, as I said, I don’t think I ever thought it was going to be a good piece in the first place and believe I set myself up for sabotage.

Oh the dark inner workings of our minds…

I like the back though šŸ™‚


Ā  Ā  Ā I’ve been cleaning up my work for the art fair on Saturday and reworking some pieces that I don’t really care for.

I hate cleaning the jewelry, but wouldn’t be seen dead trying to sell it without it being its absolute best. As a consequence I’m probably not taking the beast.

Unless little pixies break into the studio between now and Saturday and work some magic on it.

Could happen.

I finished the second needlework piece.


And started another.




And that’s about it really.

Except I’m fiddling around with a new website as, although I like the Wix one I have, I’ve discovered that Indiemade seems easier to use.

I’m not sure about it yet.

And I’m just about to send off $800 to Care for the Nepal disaster so guess what?


Goal reached!

Going for $40,000 next…

Onwards and upwards people


0 thoughts on “The beast, the triffids, and the goal…

  1. Congratulations on reaching your milestone of $30,000!

  2. paula

    I think the pendant turned out very well!! We’re our own worst critics–if a piece doesn’t hum along just as I envisioned then I’m usually not happy with it because of the huge headache it gave me. Others don’t seem to notice the subtle differences/”flaws”–but if I know I put it there because of a problem its all I can see!

    • I worked on it again, and the backplate fell off! I knew the whole thing was just bugging me for some reason. Anyway, I took the bezels off, the crumbly serpentine cumbled into pieces, and now I’m remaking the bezels and am determined to do a better job. This WILL be a necklace whether it likes it or not… Got to get through the art fair on Saturday first though šŸ™‚

  3. Soo

    it might be a “beast” to one but a beauty to another, so pls bring along to the fair, …… disaster in Nepal need more help.
    ….nevertheless its a nice piece

    wow ! to your new set goal !
    am impressed !

  4. I love your blog, jewelry, paintings, everything! I was wondering where you sell your paintings ? Suzanne

    • Thanks Sue šŸ™‚ I don’t sell them at the moment because I’m not sure anyone would really like them. Also I have trouble with knowing if the oil pastels are dry. They always seem smudgy to me and I haven’t found a good way to fix them yet. I’m working on it though.

      Where are your lamp work beads?

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