I present to you the…

Pathetic Lump.


Looks like a creature from the unknown.

Not to be defeated I went on to make a bigger, better, stronger,

Pathetic Lump


So that the first Pathetic Lump would have a friend and not feel so alone in its patheticness.


Little do they know that their friendship cannot last as it’s back to the flames with them.

As soon as I can be bothered to go through the whole process of making yet another mold.

Don’t fret for them my friends as once they stand at the crucible’s edge they will happily sacrifice themselves to the inferno knowing that other forms may come into being.

If the form master can get her act together and figure out how to do the darn thing.

Actually I think I’m close.

It’s just the sprig that needs sorting out is all.

Too much silver is trying to force its way into that little tube and starts to cool before it can fill the mold. I just get too nervous when I’m carving away the sand in case I hit the mold and mess it up.

Obviously I’m nowhere near it and can dig out another centimeter at least.

Onwards and Upwards.

We will never surrender.

In other news.

The painting, or at least one of them, is coming along.


I call it,

‘I can be a little harbour if I want to so leave me alone and get on with your own stuff why don’t you.’

I’m just going to figure out how to make the houses look not so silly and then I do believe I might even say that I have finished it.

I know right!


I bought me a cup.


Ain’t it cool


Off to make the new generation of Pathetic Lumps now.

0 thoughts on “I present to you the…

  1. I like your houses just as they are! Not silly at all, rather charming in fact!

  2. Eloise

    Keep going!

  3. I still love your painting! So you cast those yourself! I ‘m impressed. Lovely lumps.

  4. I love the first lump. It looks like a doe lying down. Don’t sacrifice the poor cute little deer!

    Have you ever done cuttlefish casting? It’s fun and neat and gives an awesome texture. And I don’t know because I’ve never done the sand casting, but it seems like cuttlefish may be a little easier than the sand casting mold making.

    I LOVE the painting! It reminds me of a little village in Italy or something. Your paintings are really good! You should consider meeting my friend Kimberly who has the gallery.

  5. KJ

    Thanks for sharing your learning curve. I would not even attempt to carve something- more power to you.

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