It worked!

Thanks for all the good wishes.

We had a great art fair and the weather was absolutely perfect.

For a minute I thought we must be somewhere other than Houston.

NO humidity what so ever.


AND I met this really neat little old guy and we chatted forever about jewelry making.

Loved him.

Never had such a good conversation about flux and firescale.

Today I feel shattered.

Everything hurts and I even had to get out of bed early because my legs hurt so much that I thought I needed both hips replaced. Like immediately.


How do all the other people do it?

Am I the only weenie around?

So today, after I had to take Advil (double weenie) I’m off out to the studio to either try my hand at sand casting again, or to finish up my painting.

I’ve cast two things so far. One with the bad sand which I sent back, and one with the good sand which I’m actually thinking is also bad sand because there’s no way the pathetic lump of silver that emerged from the mold could be my fault.

Bit of a let down really.

Not going to give up though.

I’ve also come up with a better way to cut my jump rings so I’ll be writing about that (Gale) as soon as I get back to jewelry making.

Might be a while with the old hips playing up though.

So, $2,500 is going off to Care.

Thanks for all the good wishes and to the weather god.

I think I love you…

0 thoughts on “It worked!

  1. I stopped doing shows last year – I cannot handle the physical pain either! Glad that your show was a success! Kudos for your donation!

    Best of luck on the casting – and, I cannot wait to see your new method for cutting jump rings!!!

    • It’s so depressing. I really want to do more shows as I love getting rid of my stuff and there’s no way I’m putting it in shops. I just wouldn’t make any money and the refugees need it 🙁

      I’m seriously thinking of starting an exercise regime to get myself in shape, but that’s just so boring I’m exhausted already.

  2. Sandy

    So glad to hear you day went well. Making jewelry is fun. Doing shows…not always fun.

  3. Mary B

    Glad to hear you had a great fair and the weather cooperated. Sorry to hear about your legs. I have leg pains quite often and use Aleve but don’t think it’s helps much.

    Looking forward to your info on cutting jump rings.

  4. It sure sounds like that WASN’T Houston…but so glad it turned out well (except for the legs). Please rest up before you do any more acrobatics.

    • Yesterday was beautiful also. Very strange happenings in Houston. Bit of a twilight zone going on.

  5. Shaiha

    I am actually the weenie since I won’t even try to do a show in anticipation of the pain. Glad you had a great show though!

  6. Yes, I was sore the next day too. I’m a bit of a weenie myself. All I could do was lay around all day on Sunday. I wish I would’ve had the chance to talk to that little old man….sounds like he was very interesting. Congratulations on your great sales at the show!

    I’m happily anticipating seeing your new technique for cutting jumprings also. Anything to make things easier is great.

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