Wish me luck

I’m off to the art fair!

(Sounds like it should be a song)

It’s going to be a lovely day which is all I could wish for here in Houston.

Please no humidity.


0 thoughts on “Wish me luck

  1. Good luck!! My show was OK yesterday. Hoping for better today!

  2. Good luck and have fun! Sell lots!

  3. gale13


  4. Best wishes for a wonderful, productive (lucrative) day! Mine’s next weekend.

  5. artworksjp

    Lots of luck and good vibes sending your way! Wish I was there but I live in Alabama and I know about humidity!

  6. Nancy Z. L.

    Good luck in Houston!! I spent the day here in Morristown, NJ at at
    book festival … wooo hooo !! very much fun ! Despite the chilly/rainy weather !
    nancy in NJ

    • A book festival. I’d love that. Hope you didn’t spend too much money. I think I would have to ban myself from going anywhere near it 😉

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